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DeDe Murcer Moffett

a.k.a. “The SNAP Out of It Woman”

DeDe Murcer Moffett, a.k.a. “The SNAP Out of It Woman,”
is a one of a kind leadership, change, peak performance and personal development author and executive coach who influences and engages the hearts and minds of audiences through powerful content and professional Broadway-style entertainment.

DeDe, a trained singer and actress also spent 25 years as a corporate sales executive, selling millions of dollars’ worth of products, services, and financial portfolios for Toyota Material Handling, Waste Management, State National Insurance Company, and Auto Financial Group. At the same time, she battled but overcame a 24-year alcohol addiction, earning her the name “The SNAP Out of It! Woman.”

Today DeDe is an international speaker who has been voted one of the best keynote speakers by Meeting and Conventions Magazine. Because of her diverse experience, DeDe instantly connects with CEO’s and shift employees alike.  The message is simple but powerful. Real and realistic. Dropkick regret, take risk you normally don’t take and discover new ways to unleash your unique talent and skills so you can experience happiness and success right where you are now.

“Your past mistakes do not determine your future unless you decide they do.” -DeDe

Thanks to her SNAP-fueled dedication, and taking her own advice of letting go of regret and taking risk, DeDe reclaimed her spotlight. She has performed the national anthem in front of 48,000 attendees and over 10 million TV viewers at Yankee Stadium—an opportunity only offered to four people a year (Kristin Chenoweth, James Taylor, and Billy Joel to name a few). She has also shared the stage with celebrities like Lisa Oz, Daymond John of Shark Tank, Leadership expert John Maxwell, Good Morning America’s Tori Johnson, Dr. Fab Mancini, a regular guest on The Doctors and the Dr. Phil Show and many more.

After committing to achieving success despite giving up 24 years of her life to alcohol, DeDe now has an album entitled “I Believe”, plus an inspiring new single, “Beautiful Addiction,” and a best-selling book, Wisdom Wedgies and Life’s Little Zingers. You can look forward to her hilarious and poignant one-woman show, If I Stop Then Who Am I? (written by award-winning New York composer and lyricist, Daniel Mate).

Watch for her next book coming March 2016 – SNAP Yes! A Simple Strategy to See New Achievable Possibilities In Business & Life.

DeDe’s uncle was the late, great, five-time MLB All-Star, New York Yankee baseball legend, Bobby Murcer who died of a brain tumor in July of 2008. DeDe honors Uncle Bobby’s legacy and the lessons of teamwork, commitment and resiliency not only through her keynote and peak performance training sessions, but also by shinning a light on the importance of education and early detection of brain cancer. DeDe and her family support the Oklahoma Brain Tumor Foundation, through the Bobby Murcer Swing for Hope Golf Tournament, held annually in Edmond, Oklahoma.

When DeDe is not speaking and performing you can find her and her husband Rick, skiing, mountain climbing and extending the lives and health of furry four-legged kiddos in Colorado and Utah through their customized Raw Dog Food and Company business.

Most Requested Programs:

Keynote: Snap Yes!”- See New Achievable Possibilities in Business and Life

Today statistics show that almost 86% of employees are showing up to work totally disconnected from the company vision, mission and leadership. This disengagement is costing the American economy over $550 billion dollars a year. What’s it costing your organization?

Unless employees have hope that their internal obstacles can be demolished and removed, there is little chance to engage them on a deep level.

DeDe’s interactive and powerful SNAP message shows attendees how to identify life long patterns of unproductivity and costly wishful thinking while delivering the tools that remove internal obstacles to success and turn goals and dreams into a profitable reality.

Are you willing to say “Snap Yes” even if it’s unfamiliar and uncomfortable? Do you recognize your “No’s” are habitual and detrimental to your success? Are you tuned out to the point you are missing out on career advancement and profitable opportunities?
SNAP Out of It!

This high energy and interactive keynote teaches attendees to face constant change, exhibit grit, and empower follow-through by activating the heart and shifting the mind.

Attendees immediately walk away not only seeing new ways to use their talents and skills but more importantly, they feel empowered to make the tough choices and exercise the disciplines that create lasting and substantial change in their personal and professional lives.

DeDe’s message is includes: Leadership, Employee Engagement, Change, Overcoming Adversity, Teamwork, Personal Development and Life Work Balance.


SNAP Leadership and Influence
Today employees are shutting their ears and opening their eyes. What are they seeing in your leadership? Learn to build a can-do culture by exemplifying the courage to step outside the predictable patterns of getting the job done. Capture the hearts and minds of your toughest clients and critics and increase the bottom line for success by becoming a conscious decision maker.

Unlock your team’s talents by helping them remove the internal obstacles to success, and increase their curiosity and leadership potential by leading the change you want to see in your organization.

Recommended for corporate or association leaders tasked with moving a team small or large forward.

SNAP for Productivity
Remove internal blocks to success by rethinking failure, understanding procrastination, and seeing new possibilities in internal and external processes.

Recommended for direct sales industries, customer facing employees, mid-level sales managers.

SNAP Stress for Health
Numbing out with prescription drugs and alcohol are at an all time high in the health field. Increasing demands and high stress are causing top doctors, nurses and technicians to become a danger to their patients and the industry. As a former alcoholic of 24 years, DeDe understands how easy it is to become a high functioning addict without being noticed. It’s critical to SNAP out of it now.

In this session you will learn to consciously make choices that reduce anxiety and allow you to be in the moment fully alert and alive. Learn to re-ignite your passion and purpose with simple daily steps that keep you engaged, healthy and performing your best.

Can be customized for meeting planners, human resource managers, accounting teams, and administrative assistant professionals and any industry experiencing change and challenges due to cutbacks, re-organizations or technological advances.



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Topics: Leadership, Accountability, Teamwork/Teambuilding, Communication, Workplace Respect, Entertainment

Industry specialties: Finance, Corporate