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Colorado Based

Brad Montgomery

Hilarious Motivational Speaker & Corporate Entertainer

If you want a motivational speaker who is both inspirational and Very Funny, and if you want to hear the cry that meeting planners love to hear... 'Hey Down in Front!'... and if you want your audiences laughing out loud…Just Book Brad. Because people learn best when they are laughing. Because they need a powerful message. Because they need to have fun while they learn. And because... 'Hey, This Guy is Funny!'

Humor in the Workplace
Business audiences need to be reminded to lighten up and mellow out, and to enjoy their jobs. (And their lives at home.) Brad’s theory — borne out with 1000’s of keynotes, speeches, and seminars — is that people will listen closer and retain more if they are laughing while they are learning.

Who is this Motivational Keynote Speaker?
He’s a keynote speaker who draws on his background as a corporate comedy magician and comedian to make sure his keynotes are laugh-out-loud funny. He draws on his experience as a business owner, author, publisher and entertainer to guarantee that the motivational keynote is meaningful.

So no matter if you are searching for a inspirational and motivational speaker, change management speaker, or just a morale-boosting and nationally tested comedian and magician speaker… Just Book Brad. Brad’s keynote and speech topics.

Comedian Speaker
Clean Corporate Comedian Brad Montgomery provides hilarious laugh-out-loud comedy for corporate and association audiences across the USA and around the world!

Motivational Humor
    •     Ordinary Magic - Brad's most requested keynote speech. Smell the flowers. Giggle with kids. Laugh more... because the best secret magicians have is that magic is all around us. Life is Fun & Funny, and filled with Magic. Excellent Keynote and Seminar. Motivation, inspiration, audience participation, and laugh-out-loud humor! Read about this motivational speech.

    •     Presto Change-o - A Magician’s Guide at Laughing at Change. A hilarious program that emphasizes using humor when our lives take a detour. "It's gonna happen anyway, so we might as well learn to laugh at it." A very funny motivational program for folks looking for a fun look at change management.

 Stack Your Deck for Success A High-Energy, High-Content, Motivational (and very funny) Break Out, Keynote and Seminar. This program discusses some straight-forward business topics from Brad's unique (and very humorous) perspective as a magician and comedian.

Emcee/Master of Ceremonies - Keep the meeting moving with laughter!

 Do you need to make sure your high-content meeting flows professionally, on time, and is still able to flex when needed? Think laughter sprinkled throughout the day might keep your folks at their best? Learn about getting Brad to be your funny MC, emcee, or master of ceremonies. Or all three! (Please, can we all just pick one word for this job?!)

Emcee - Master of Ceremonies
Lookin’ for something to keep your conference humin’ instead of snoozin’? Lookin’ for something to make sure that everything runs smoothly? Have a ton of dense and important info you gotta get to your folks, but you’re worried that it is too much, too dry, and too boring? Need to make sure your people come back on time after the break?

You need a professional Master of Ceremonies. You need Brad.

There are a ton of good reasons why a professional Emcee is excellent investment, but here are just a few doozies:

It is a shame to invest thousands of dollars in a convention and not protect your investment with a pro behind the microphone.
Allow your top managers and executives to do what THEY do best: manage and …. er… execu-tize. Bring in Brad to introduce your speakers and events. He’ll do it smoothly. He’ll do it professionally. And — best of all in the minds of your audience — he’ll do it with humor.
Your top folks will thank you for hiring a pro to make them look good. They’ll thank you for hiring an professional MC to make sure the audience is awake for their part of the meeting or convention. And they’ll thank you for protecting the convention or meeting against the hundreds of things that can — and will — go wrong by booking a pro who can joke away the problems and bring them right back to where they should be. Bring them back to the learning.

As a humorous and professional Master of Ceremonies Brad will re-cap each event and speaker in a light and lighthearted way the main points and themes. By tastefully poking fun at the program and the presenters you accomplish two things: 1) People laugh, the blood goes right back to their faces, and they feel really good about being at the meeting. And 2) the main points are reiterated and re-emphasized. How cool is that?

Brad believes (don’t we all?) that “People Learn Best When They Are Laughing. If your meeting is important; if your information is important to your people; and if you want your folks to have an EXCELLENT feeling about your event…. You need a pro emcee. You need a funny master of ceremonies. Just Book Brad.

Check out this really cool article about why you should consider a top quality, paid and professional emcee here.

Most of Brad’s clients are looking for more Bang for the Buck. If this sounds like you, consider booking Brad for a breakout, his Keynote or even for after-dinner-entertainment. Then keep Brad on to do the full day (days?) being a master of ceremonies / emcee. Your people will thank you; and your accounting-types will thank you for using Brad so efficiently.

Put a pro emcee behind the microphone. Keep the laughter going (or get it started in the first place.) Give your folks a much-needed break between high-content sessions. Get you people to WANT to be back in the room at the start of sessions because they don’t want to miss anything. Book a master of ceremonies. Just book Brad.

Corporate Entertainment

    •     Freshly Brewed Magic & Comedy Hilarious Magic. Boy-Next-Door Comedy. Audience Participation. And good clean fun. Perfect after-dinner entertainment for corporations and associations. Comedian? Magician? Yup... all that and more.
    •     Corporate Comedian Looking for a totally clean, totally funny, totally professional comedian? Need a humorist who can deliver a laugh-'till-it-hurts program?

    •     Game Show --- Make Me a Deal Hilarity, Magic, Interaction... and prizes. This game show will rock your group... and send 'em home with STUFF! Find a way to distribute gifts (or door prizes)in a laugh-out-loud funny way?

Hey! This corporate comedian is Funny!  And Clean.

Corporate Comedian Brad Montgomery dazzles 'em with Award-Winning boy-next-door humor & corporate comedy. Clean humor. Spontaneous and impromptu humor. Audiences laugh and guffaw. His show calls for audience participation. Folks get involved. Turn him loose on the weary multitudes and before you know it, you'll hear laughing and guffawing and the happy cry that meeting planners love to hear:  "Hey, down in front!"

"Brad's awesome comedy and insights set a positive tone for the entire conference. I haven't laughed so hard and felt so good in a long time." - Unemployment Insurance Center, State of Utah.

Executive Humor Coaching - Presentation Skills for The Big Cheese!

 Need to beef up your presentation before the big event? Want to make a big splash? Want to make sure you are communicating what you want to communicate? This a bit of humor might help you? Brad can help!

Got Mirth? Milking your presentations for all they are worth!  Adding humor to your professional presentations.

 Do you want to be funnier? Need to add humor to your presentations, sales pitches, or professional programs? Brad teaches secrets of adding humor in a way that is disarming, helpful... and funny. Learn more here.

Rave Reviews East Coast, West Coast, No Coast

Brad has paid his dues. For corporate and association audiences large and small coast-to-coast. Brad's done all that and more.

From Boardrooms to Banquet Rooms all across the country, businesses call on this comedian to give their corporate proceedings a welcome lift. Gloom disappears. Quarterly forecasts brighten. Quotas are magically within reach. Suddenly, the world is a much better place. It happens whenever and wherever comedian Brad steps on stage and says, "Watch closely!"Audiences all over the country recognize a seasoned performer when they see one, and that's why they hoot and howl and clap and stomp when Brad performs. And why they ask him to come back and do it again year after year.

Brad has cracked-up and entertained thousands of groups including Kraft, USA Today, Miller Brewing, and the American Payroll Association. Call him today to find out why they keep bringing him back!

Special corporate comedian shows "Just For Us!"

Brad customizes his corporate comedy presentation. Woven into his routines are quips about The Buzz around your Water Cooler. Your biggest competitor. The manager who wears those awful ties. Comments about the company golf tournament. The executive who is late for meetings. Brad's shows are unique because your audience is unique.

"Brad could pick up on the attendees' reactions better than any comedian speaker I've ever seen. He is perceptive. Excellent -- and very funny! -- program." -Marla Ashley Missouri Child Support Enforcement

"Hilarious! Never laughed so hard at any conference before."-- Tennessee Human Resources Association
The customization made it special." --USA Today

"...  For anyone looking for something different from just another  'plain vanilla' motivational speaker."
 --Utilities Service Alliance (Nuclear Energy Group)

"Brad's  awesome humor and insights set a positive tone for the entire  conference. I haven't laughed so hard and felt so good in  a long time." -Unemployment Insurance, State of Utah.

"Genuinely  Masterful!" - General Mills

"The  illusions were perfect and the chatter was excellent!" - George Carlin, Comedian

"Brad  was the highlight of the whole three day conference and the  best keynoter that I have ever heard!" - Arizona Dept. of Economic Security

"Outstanding!  Hilarious! An incredible job!" - Honeywell

"We'll  have you back! Awesome!" -I.B.M.

"Brad  made my meeting a success. I suggest you have him do the same  for you!" -Seagrams Liquor Company

"One  of the best acts on the circuit today (with a price that cannot  be beat)!" - Missouri Southern State University

What?! A corporate comedian who does magic too?

Magic is also a big part of Brad’s programs. “I got my start years ago as a magician. I did night clubs and cruise ships; and I did over 250 college performances. But now much of my time is spent working as a corporate magician and comedian to association and corporate audiences all across the country. “

“The magic is something that I’m proud of,” continues Montgomery. “I’ve won awards for my magic and I’m proud of it. At the same time, I don’t mind telling you that most of the folks in my audience never leave talking about the amazing tricks. Instead, they are all talking about how funny the show is.”

Brad uses his corporate magic as a tool to get to a more personalized comedy. He gets folks from the audience out of their seats and up on the stage to help with the magic tricks. The magic happens to them and by them, which is really popular with his convention audiences.

But the best part, according to Montgomery, is the comedy that happens during the interaction between him and his audience “volunteers.” “I basically start to interview them while they are with me up on stage. We talk about their jobs, their industries and their joys and concerns relating to their occupation. We also end up talking about the meeting itself: the food, the hotel, whatever is going on.”

The result is hilarious. The comedy resulting from this interaction is impromptu, funny, and always surprising. Sure, the start of the whole interaction is the magic tricks… but the result is way more than just a baffling magical illusion. The result is corporate entertainment that cannot be repeated.

“One reason performing is so much for me is because I have no idea what folks are going to say on stage, and therefore there is no way to prepare. Sure, I’ve had years of experience and can rely on that for help. But in the end it is all a surprise. I love that on-the-spot element of comedy. But I know the audience loves it too. They love that their comedian is making up a huge bulk of the show in front of their eyes. And they love that they are getting a show created just for them and that the next night, when I’m a comedian in Pittsburg working for Plumbers, or in Arizona working for corporate accountants, or in Indiana working for insurance sales folks… you get the idea… they know that nobody will ever get the same show that they are seeing. It makes this form of corporate comedy fresh, exciting, and really funny.”

Brad Montgomery customizes his comedy program to meet his clients’ needs… exactly. Part of the process of booking Brad includes educating Brad about your group so that he can customize and tailor his program to each group’s specific challenges, hot-buttons, and inside jargon. “Not only does tailoring my comedy make the programs more meaningful for the folks in the audience; it makes it funnier! Sure, we can joke about stresses at work in general… but when we talk specifically about — for example — filling out the Year End Form 123C, people really relate. And the laughter is all the much better for it.”

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