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Howard Hughes 1990

Mark Musick

Howard Hughes Fooled the World

Major General (Ret.) Mark Musick, will take you thru the story of "The Secret Life of Howard Hughes"Hear about the details of how Howard pulled the wool over the eyes of the public and lived the remainder of his years with the woman he loved.  He finally met his maker in November 2001, a quarter of a century later than thought. 

An Incredible true story with the ingredients of fabulous wealth, a reclusive man unable to escape his famous life, assistance from the CIA providing an alternate identify, and a loving wife who knew how to keep secrets.

Eva McLelland was good at keeping secrets, and she had a big one. Sworn to secrecy for thirty-one years until the death of her husband, Eva was at last able to come forward and share a story that turns twentieth century history on its head and fills in puzzling blanks in the mysterious life of the tycoon Howard Hughes.   Eva McLelland, who enjoyed the last five years of her life in Jacksonville, Florida, relayed this amazing story to Mark over a period of eight years.  After four years Mark came to believe the story, and set out to fully develop the intriguing tale.  Becoming totally convinced of its authenticity, he worked with Douglas Wellman, former Associate Dean of Cinematics at USC, for two more years prior to the book’s release.

Howard Hughes changed his appearance, employed a stand-in to create a diversion, accepted another name and identity, faked his death, yet continued to operate his business through his cadre of aides. Additionally, he found a wife, Eva McLelland, who loyally kept his secret to herself.  After the stand-in died in April 1976, Howard and Eva lived a reclusive lifestyle hiding away in central Alabama for 25 years. 

How could Hughes appear to witnesses as an emaciated, long finger-nailed, mental incompetent,
yet fly a jet aircraft four months later? How could a doctor describe him as looking like a "prisoner of war," when at the same time investment bankers, politicians, and diplomats who met him said he was articulate and well-groomed? The answer is a perfect example of the brilliance of the elusive billionaire.

He simply found a mentally incompetent man to impersonate him, drawing the attention of the Internal Revenue Service and an army of lawyers who pursued him,
while he conducted his business in peace from Panama with his new wife, Eva McLelland.

Sound fantastic? It is. However, after eight years of research and verification, Eva's story produces the final pieces in the mysterious puzzle that was "The Secret Life of Howard Hughes".

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