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Nancy Noonan

The Art of Mastery: Inspiring Excellence in Work and Life


Based upon 25 years of studying Mastery, Nancy Noonan is sought out by corporations and associations to re-energize and re-focus their people. She helps them develop their own sense of Mastery to unleash their greatest potential, achieving personal and organizational excellence to produce extraordinary results.

(Mastery = Knowledge + Skills + Excellence)

Nancy's unique two-fold background brings an unparalleled richness to her programs. Her experience in sales, marketing and corporate development means she understands the real-world challenges people and organizations face today. Her years of teaching college art history have honed her ability to deliver great content while engaging even the most jaded of audience members!

Guided by Mastery in her own life, Nancy earned the Master Teacher Award ("Oscar" of academia), as well as the Excellence Award from the Nat'l Institute for Staff and Organizational Development. Honored in Cambridge Who's Who and America's Outstanding Young Women, Nancy received her B.A. at the U. of Maryland and her M.A. at the U. of Kentucky. The author of The Art of Writing about Art (internationally published by Harcourt Brace) and How to Be a Super Achiever: 12 Strategies for Unleashing Your Success, she is also a contributing author to the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. Her latest book Stepping Stones to Success, co-authored with Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield, will be available in the spring of 2010.

Nancy has lead art tours to Europe and Egypt to study the works of the Great Masters. She is a member of the International Federation of Professional Speakers and National Speakers Association with two terms on the CO executive board.

Not only does Nancy talk about risk, she has taken her own share on stage: from tap dancing on Atlantic City's Steel Pier to modeling with the NYC Ford agency to going out for Miss Maryland (and by golly, she actually got the title!). Today Nancy takes to the stage as a professional speaker, author, workshop/retreat leader, facilitator and coach. To make sure her programs are both informative and entertaining, she draws on her playful nature, Irish heritage of natural storytellers and humorists, as well as her own experience in Improv.

Nancy lives with her husband, Richard, in Colorado where they raised their two sons, Gavin and Collin. She paints her own life with numerous colors, including gourmet cooking, tent camping, hiking, snowshoeing, fly fishing, reading, visiting art museums and traveling. Nancy is known to occasionally still don a wicked pair of tap shoes!


The Art of Mastery
Inspiring Excellance In Work And Life

Do Your People Need To Be Re-energized and Inspired . . .To Move from Mediocrity to Mastery?

Too many people today go through life simply "painting by numbers." It's easy. It's safe. But it creates only mediocre results at best. And that's not good enough if you want your people and your organization be the best they can be!

The good news is your people have hidden reserves of talent and creativity even they don't know about. And if it's unleashed through the Art of Mastery, your people can continually transform mediocrity to create excellence.

(Mastery = Knowledge + Skills + Excellence)

Through her unique, thought-provoking and entertaining signature keynote, Nancy will share with you the secrets of the Art of Mastery used by Master artists, such as Leonardo and Michelangelo, to enable you and your people to unlock hidden potential. Using the same proven strategies that take the Masters from blank-canvas-to-masterpiece will allow you to achieve Mastery and excellence in your own work and life. Learn to:

  • Overcome Obstacles and Reduce Stress
  • Spark Creativity and Innovation
  • Embrace Change and Take Risks to...
Improve Morale, Productivity and Results!

With her natural playful nature, Nancy interweaves stories, captivating visuals, workplace examples and humor to inspire and show corporate and association audiences how to Master and Unleash Their Full Potential. They leave re-charged, re-focused and ready to re-ignite their passions for life and work!

The Mastery Of Leadership
Leading With Excellence

In this motivational and informative program, Nancy reveals the secrets of Mastery in top-notch leadership. She shows you how excellent leadership is an art! To be a leading artist or a truly leading leader requires using the same principles of this program:

  • Have a vision
  • Know what attitude you are communicating
  • Be an inspiration (enabling others to act at their levels of Mastery)
  • Know your behavioral style (and the style of those you lead)
  • Recognize your own leadership style
  • Realize the differences between management and leadership
  • Understand the significance of creativity in leadership
  • Incorporate the concepts of servant leadership
  • Use time management to enhance your leadership

Through compelling stories (e.g., learn how the pope used extraordinary leadership skills resulting in Michelangelo's Sistine Ceiling), business research, statistics and interaction, you will find this session energizing, informative and fun. Get practical and proven leadership strategies that are immediately applicable. You will also learn to be a masterful listener.

Nancy Noonan is a certified facilitator and coach in the DISC® and Values Behavioral Assessments. Through DISC, Nancy helps people increase the efficacy of their leadership skills so that they interact with less tension and conflict and with more understanding of each other's different styles and ways of behaving.

Grow Masterful Leaders Who Create Excellent Results!

Building Masterful Teams
Working Together Towards Excellence

It's no secret that when teams are dysfunctional, people are stressed and their organizations do not reach their goals or function at their highest levels of Mastery. Nancy Noonan can help your board, staff or organization avoid that dysfunction and instead build a motivated, cohesive and committed team.

In this highly interactive, energizing and entertaining program or facilitation, Nancy helps team members:

  • Build rapport
  • Strengthen their communication and
  • Reduce misunderstandings and conflict

Board members, staff and organizations are empowered to create an in-sync culture of teamwork, moving toward the same goals, mission and vision, while being less stressed and more productive. Some elements also covered, depending on the goals of the client:

  • The four major types of teams, e.g., cross-functional teams
  • The importance of creating a climate of trust
  • The four stages of team development and strategies that are guaranteed to cycle them through the stages and function optimally
  • The importance of identifying and establishing team norms
  • Why different members of teams think and act as they do, increasing understanding and improving team dynamics

Nancy Noonan is a certified facilitator and coach in the DISC® and Values Behavioral Assessments. Using DISC, Nancy helps teams interact with less tension and conflict and with more understanding of each other's different styles and ways of behaving.



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