nancy norton
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$1500 - $2500/exp

Colorado Based

Nancy Norton

Comedian & Speaker

I am passionate about spreading love and joy through laughter!

Here are what some others have said about Nancy:

The Rocky Mountain News calls Nancy, “a laugh riot.”

The Boulder Daily Camera says, “Norton is HILARIOUS!”

Nancy Norton has been featured on A&E’s An Evening at the Improv and starred in her own one-woman show on PBS, The Yellowish-Green Girl.

Her background includes extensive improvisational theater work, which helps her to deliver stand-up performances that are both spontaneous and fresh. Also a practicing R.N., this versatile comedian combines hilarious on the job story-telling with a fast-paced improvisational style that leaves audiences with little time to catch their breath. Her clean and engaging style of comedy has made her a huge hit at corporate events across the country, as well as internationally while entertaining the troops on two USO Comedy Tours.

Everything was GREAT!!  Nancy was very funny!!  Everyone is talking about what a good time they had.  Thank you again, she did a wonderful job!  ~ Kit Carson County Memorial Hospital

Not only did we appreciate her talent, but Nancy impressed me with being such a great individual as well! Thank you!  ~ Laramie Laughs for a Cause

Nancy was great!  I have heard nothing but overwhelmingly positive comments and remarks regarding her performance.  She was the icing on the cake at our party and the feedback has been enormous  ~ Cheyenne Radiology Group & MRI!

Nancy was FANTASTIC. She had the audience rolling. I myself had tears running down my face and my cheeks were hurting from laughing so hard. ~ Silverthorne Pavilion

It has been great to work with her and I hope that another opportunity arises to bring her back!  ~ Boulder County


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