lyndy phillips

Fee: $2000 - $3500/exp

 Texas Based

Lyndy Phillips

Agricultural Speaker • Humorist • Entertainer

Having been born into a farming family and raised on the farm, Lyndy Phillips knows first hand what agriculture families and communities deal with on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s the stress of having enough money to last until harvest, the disappointment of markets, or praying for rain, Lyndy has experienced first-hand the ups and downs of farm life.
From this experience, you’ll hear the funny side of how this smalltown farm boy grew up to become a preacher, speaker, and entertainer while never losing his love for the farm or small communities. Hear stories about how Lyndy’s entertaining imagination developed while plowing fields, riding his motorized horse named Honda 50, and performing before cows and the living room furniture. You'll learn how Lyndy discovered life on the farm teaches you everything you need to know about faith, life, and survival – delivered with his quirky sense of humor and entertaining sleight of hand.

Lyndy grew up in the farming community of Darrouzett, Texas where his family raised cattle and grew wheat, barley, and alfalfa on 950 acres. He developed his creative and humorous imagination while growing up on the farm and began performing for audiences at the age of seven for hometown plays and melodramas. He learned how to tell stories participating in UIL Storytelling competitions and developed his sleight of hand skills performing in class for fellow students and in ag competitions for FFA.
After high school, Lyndy attended Amarillo College on a scholarship and two years later entered full-time Christian ministry. During this time, he began speaking and entertaining part-time. For over twelve years, Lyndy served in churches as a youth pastor, elder, and associate pastor.
Following his service in the local church, Lyndy worked in sales for a chemical supply company and a Chamber of Commerce, while continuing to speak around the country part-time. In 2007, Lyndy moved to Dallas, Texas to become Executive Director of Development for an international television program.  In 2011, he began his life-long dream of speaking and entertaining full-time.
He and his wife have two adult children and live in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.  He is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Christian Comedy Association, Texas Farm Bureau....and Sam's Wholesale Club!

Keynote Programs

After all the laughing and fun, Lyndy can deliver one of the following messages:

Laugh More. Stress Less.
This fun and entertaining presentation will have your group laughing, reducing stress, and learning:

  • The definition of stress
  • Where stress comes from
  • Stress and workplace safety
  • Psychological effects of laughter
  • The healing effects of laughter
  • How to have a sense of humor

You are a V.I.P. -- Rediscovering your Personal Value, Influence, and Potential

Lyndy takes your group on a journey to rediscover their personal value, influence, and potential. Sometimes on the road of life, we forget where our true value comes from, wonder if our lives are making a difference, or wonder if there's any potential left in us. Through clean humor and comedy antics, managers/leaders/teachers or any group will learn:

  • Where personal value does and does not come from
  • Why comparing ourselves to others is not beneficial
  • The power of influence
  • How personal influence makes a difference
  • How to discover hidden potential
  • Servant vs. Selfish Leader/Manager/Teacher


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