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Midwest Dueling Pianos

When planning entertainment for a corporate event, you have certain criteria in mind. If the performance is going to be at the end of an event (such as a year-end awards ceremony), you want the show to be engaging and fun to retain as much of your audience as possible. If the show is for the length of the event (such as a conference-opening cocktail reception), you want as much bang for your buck as possible to increase the appreciation your guests laud on you for providing the entertainment. No matter what the format, a dueling piano show fits the bill. And Midwest Dueling Pianos is one of the most highly acclaimed production companies in the country for these very specific types of events.

Our most common corporate show will be performed to adhere to a PG-13 Rating. If you want the show to be squeaky-clean, or if you prefer the entertainment to be a bit more risqué, we can tailor the show to fit your needs. We can provide our premium entertainment for large corporations, small family owned businesses, and everyone in between.

“The Chrismas party went very well. I had all positive feedback about the party. They enjoyed the dueling pianos and had a really good time. Your players did a really great job. I hope we can do the same next year.”
~Christine Pietras, Internal Medicine Associates, Mt. Clemens, MI

“We had a fabulous time at our holiday party. The guys were great, everyone really enjoyed the show. I had lots of comments the following week about how much fun everyone had. It worked perfect to split the time by having them play during our cocktail hour then doing a two hour show later in the evening. I will highly recommend you when the opportunity comes up.”
~Connie Beaver, Honkamp Krueger & Co. P.C., Dubuque, IA

When you book the hilarious comedy and wildly entertaining music of Midwest Dueling Pianos, no other event will ever be more fun and successful than yours. The amazing Midwest Dueling Pianos show will provide high-end entertainment for your audience that will thoroughly engage and entertain your audience, while making you the star of the show.

The one-of-a-kind entertainment experience that is Midwest Dueling Pianos will have your audience singing, cheering, dancing, and laughing so hard they'll be doubled over gasping for breath. It's an experience unlike any other that will leave your audience amazed and begging for more.

We provide an all request-driven show that spans generations and keeps everyone from a 90 year-old great-grandmother, to a hyper 4 year-old entertained and focused on the show. Content is never an issue for the Midwest Dueling Pianos performers. From G-Rated to PG-13, the players can conform to whatever rating the school, local community, and event organizers prefers. We can accommodate any size event, all around the country.

We have recruited and trained some of the finest young talent around, and all veterans of the dueling piano industry. Although the company is based in Michigan, we have teams of players stationed all over the country to bring our inventive show to audiences across the United States.


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