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Meridith Elliott Powell

Instilling Ownership At Every Level.
Increasing Profits At Every Turns.

“Success in this new economy demands full engagement and self-motivated leadership at every level of your organization. Today, it’s not about traditional leadership; it’s about innovative leadership. My programs show you how to cultivate a culture of creativity, ingenuity and personal responsibility for every member of your team—from the receptionist to the CEO—to drive your revenues and increase your bottom line.” – Meridith“

High energy, high impact and highly motivating—those phrases are Meridith Elliott Powell, whether she is addressing an audience of 10 or 10,000.


Winning In The Trust & Value Economy
3 Key Strategies of Successful Organizations

Welcome to the Trust and Value Economy! In today's market consumers demand more. Sales cycles are longer. Competition is stronger. And market differentiation is far more complex. Our traditional approach to networking, marketing, relationship development and client loyalty just isn't working anymore.
What you sell has become a commodity but how you sell it your competitive advantage. This is a different economy and calls for a different approach. In this high energy, high content and highly interactive session,  learn the 3 MUST growth strategies for your business in this trust and value economy. Discover how to set yourself apart, connect with your clients, win over new prospects, build deep and profitable relationships, and take the stress and anxiety out of growing your company.
Once you understand the shift, once you know the secrets, you will be able to apply these new strategies to drive results and make this economy work for you. Based on excerpts from Meridith's book, Winning In The Trust & Value Economy, recently named as finalist for the USA Best Business Books Awards!

Key Take Aways:

1 – Why this economy is different, not changed
2 – How consumers are more knowledgeable and powerful than ever before
3 – The 3 key strategies you need to know and adopt to succeed in this economy
4 – How stop competing on price and start winning with trust and value
5 – A powerful new approach to winning clients that you can implement first thing Monday morning!

Stop Enabling, Start Engaging!
Powerful strategies to create a culture of employee innovation!

Welcome to the Trust & Value Economy! A new economy, where the world as you know it has changed. Stress is at an all time high, competition is fierce, customers are more demanding, and budgets  tighter than ever.  There is no room for error, and no room for a weak link. To succeed today, you need every member of your team to step up to the plate, take ownership and get passionate about driving results.

As a leader, you need the most from your teams, However, according to Gallop, 7 out of 10 worker’s admit to being unmotivated and checked out at work; and despite the fact that U.S. Companies are spending upwards of $1.5 billion dollars to fix the problem, the problem is getting worse not better. Now is the time to change and this calls for a new  approach that  thrives on personal accountability, innovation and results.

It is time for you and your company to turn traditional leadership on its head and create a culture of employee innovation. Learn proven strategies that get your team fully engaged and passionate about success  In this highly interactive,  content rich presentation, discover how to get powerful results.

Key Take Aways:

1. The impact of the new economy on your company, your customer and your employees
2. Why our current employee engagement programs are failing, and why cultures of 4
3. How the power of employee innovation creates ownership at every level and profits at every turn
4. Tool for decreasing stress and increasing productivity
5. The three key steps you need to easily and effectively implement a culture of employee innovation

Plug Into the Power of Connection
Strategies To Build A Network That Produces Powerful Results
Presentation Summary
In today's economy (a new economy based on trust & value) the key to success is in the power of your connections and the depth of your network. Proactively building, growing and expanding your network leads to decreased stress and increased results.  In the Trust & Value Economy relationships are far more complex and far more important; and networking is the competitive advantage you need to turn your busy life into a highly productive one.
Join keynote speaker and author of the award winning book, Winning in the Trust and Value Economy, Meridith Elliott Powell for this fun, highly interactive and content rich session. Discover strategies to Plug Into The Power of Connection!  Learn with her real-life examples, proven strategies and entertaining stories. Sit back and enjoy as she engages you in a session that demonstrates how you can make networking fun, efficient and highly effective. In one short session, you will leave ready to implement the strategies that will help you expand your network and build your business.
Learning Objectives:
This keynote reveals the three proven strategies you need to Plug Into The Power of Connection. Attend and engage and you will walk away with new ideas and a personal plan for action. 

By attending this session participants will learn:

Why this economy is not down but different; how it has changed, how your clients have changed, and how those changes impact you and your business.
  • <>The power of networking as a business growth strategy
  • <>A new and cutting edge approach that takes the edge off the networking process
  • <>How exactly to get powerful Return On Investment (ROI) from networking

Meridith Elliott Powell

Her career began in sales and marketing and grew into leadership and executive positions in finance and commercial banking. That exceptional background affords her the knowledge and experience to bring the numbers side and the people side of a business together, aligning goals and moving companies to profitability. As many organizations suffered during the recent economic downturn, Meridith coached her clients on how to take advantage of the changing economy—resulting in increased passion, increased productivity and increased profits.

Meridith’s signature high-energy style and her ability to rapidly connect with people make her a sought after speaker, trainer and coach. She is an active member of the National Speakers Association, the Carolinas Speakers Association, the American Society of Training and Development, and Lessons In Leadership. After achieving her business coaching certification, Meridith became gold master certified in Strategic Planning by the Haines Centre and the University of San Diego.

She is among a handful of strategists to hold this certification. In addition, Meridith chose to increase her knowledge of communication styles, human behaviors and their impact on professional relationships and organizational development through earning her master certification as a Human Behavior Specialist. She then added to her skill by achieving second level certification in Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

This combination of business coaching certification, strategic planning, human behavior and EQ certification allows Meridith to support her clients in their efforts to master the technical and the relational skills needed to be successful in today’s competitive environment.

Meridith has also authored two books, Winning in The Trust & Value Economy, published in spring 2013, and the very popular 42 Rules To Turn Prospects Into Customers, now in its second printing. Moreover, she was featured in Mastering The Art of Success by Jan Luther. And most recently, Meridith has signed with the Ambitious Entrepreneur Network (just named one of the top 100 networks for small business) to host a weekly podcast “Secrets To Success,” where leading experts share their tips, strategies and secrets for Winning In the Trust & Value Economy. Meridith serves a wide range of clients including professional firms, corporations, construction firms, financial institutions and health-care providers.


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