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Peter Reilly

Negotiate For Results

  • Associate Professor and Director of Negotiation Training, Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution, University of Nevada Boyd School of Law

  • Winner of the Gracie Award from American Women in Radio and Television

  • Highly rated by audience members (average score of 4.8 out of 5 based on hundreds of respondents from a wide variety of groups and associations)

  • Adjunct faculty member, Georgetown University Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership

  • Former Hewlett Fellow in Conflict Resolution and Legal Problem Solving, Georgetown University Law Center (Three-year fellowship)

  • Research published in Negotiation Journal, a publication of Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation

  • Graduate of Harvard Law School (J.D.) and Georgetown University Law Center (LL.M.)
Peter is Associate Professor and Director of Negotiation Training at University of Nevada Boyd School of Law in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Peter teaches cutting edge negotiation techniques to law students, and also conducts professional speaking and training programs for corporate, government, and non-profit groups and associations such as USA TODAY newspaper, the National Park Service, and the American Marketing Association.  Prior to moving to Las Vegas, Peter taught negotiations and contract law at Washburn School of Law in Topeka, Kansas.  Before that, Peter was adjunct professor and Hewlett Fellow in Conflict Resolution and Legal Problem Solving at Georgetown University Law Center, where he spent three years teaching classes in negotiation and researching how negotiation training can be used to increase emotional intelligence.


Through speeches, trainings and consultations, Peter teaches professionals how to achieve maximum results in any kind of negotiation.  Working with a large variety of corporate, government, and non-profit groups and associations, Peter combines lecture, audience interaction, and “Q&A” to create the most dynamic and compelling presentations possible.

Peter is flexible in meeting client needs: Everything from 45-minute breakfast events, to 90-minute keynote speeches, to trainings lasting several hours or several days.  The “takeaways” for participants include learning how to manage conflict, how to engage in the art and science of negotiation, and how to respond to different personality types, and different negotiation styles.  And Peter's presentations resonate with everyone in the organization.  As one client put it, "We had a great cross section of members at this event and the information was applicable to all attendees regardless of experience level."

Peter has worked with groups of lawyers, doctors, journalists, businesspeople, government managers, and public and non-profit leaders.  Several clients have been women’s groups whose members believe becoming stronger negotiators is imperative to excelling in today’s highly competitive work environment.  Representative clients include the USA TODAY newspaper, the National Park Service, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., the American Marketing Association, and Women in Cable and Telecommunications.

Peter receives consistent and exceptionally high ratings from audiences and event planners, scoring an average of 4.8 out of 5.0 based on hundreds of respondents from a wide variety of groups and associations.

By combining traditional lectures with simulated negotiation exercises, role plays, and other group exercises, participants can learn from Peter as well as from each other.  The information is powerful, fun to learn, and immediately useful in all aspects of life, both personal and professional.  As one participant noted on his program evaluation form, “Tremendous for me both as an attorney and as an ecclesiastic leader. Not bad information for me as a spouse and father as well.”

Specializing in developing customized presentations and trainings, Peter can work with an organization to quickly pinpoint the kind of negotiations in which members tend to be involved, as well as the types of barriers currently preventing the achievement of favorable agreements.  Specific materials, role plays and exercises can be selected in order to teach and “drill” the competencies and skills most relevant in addressing problems faced by a particular organization or industry.

“The feedback has been extremely positive and your program has been noted as one of our strongest programs this year…We hope to work with you again in the future.”

Mary Busby

Women in Cable and Telecommunications

Atlanta Chapter



“Peter received rave reviews from an audience of high-powered lawyers, government workers, and business people.  He gave a highly interactive presentation…Using excellent materials, Peter encouraged them to participate through simulations and exercises, thus providing them with tools to take home with them.  He was such an effective speaker that we plan to invite him to speak at future events…I have rarely seen a facilitator or lecturer who has such versatility as a speaker.”

Marilyn Tucker

Women’s Forum

Georgetown University Law Center 


“Peter was extremely informative with great points in the art of negotiations.  He kept the attendees very attentive and involved with interactive exercises.  Many of the attendees were very impressed and enjoyed his presentation very much!”

Bessy Lee

American Marketing Association

Las Vegas Chapter 


“Our reporters found Peter’s lecture to be informative, engaging and enlightening.  Within the hour-long presentation, Peter provided our staff with a wealth of information.  He also made himself available following the lecture to any reporter who had questions or needed additional information…I highly recommend Peter for any training you may need.”

Adell Crowe

Standards and Development Editor

USA TODAY Newspaper

 “Tremendous training for me both as an attorney and as an ecclesiastical leader.  Not bad information for me as a spouse and father as well.”
Participant, Negotiation Boot Camp for Practicing Attorneys
UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law

“Great presentation and information.  My favorite of the day.”
Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce
Leadership Las Vegas Class of 2007

“Peter was a keynote trainer delivering a program on Negotiations and Conflict Resolution for the Superintendents and Emerging Leaders of the National Park Service.  We consider him one of the most professional and knowledgeable instructors that has engaged our participants.”
Sandy Taylor, Program Manager
Supervision, Management & Leadership

National Park Service, Washington, DC


“Peter's session was extremely informative and interactive... Peter packed a great deal of information into the three-hour session and allowed time for three role-play negotiations and a small group exercise as well... We had a great cross section of members at this event and the information was applicable to all attendees regardless of experience level.”

Misty Skedgell

Women in Cable and Telecommunications

Atlanta Chapter 

“Peter, an expert in negotiation strategies, created a training that he specifically designed for nonprofit executives…Peter is one of the most gifted instructors I have ever come across—and I have been involved in executive education training for the past thirteen years.  His mastery of the theory, blended with a dynamic and engaging presence in the classroom, make him an ideal teacher/trainer in any classroom setting….I’ve now had the opportunity to observe Peter in a variety of training sessions, working with people as diverse as the sector we represent, from public interest lawyers to national association CEO’s.  Peter has a special talent for connecting with people, engaging them in their learning, and providing concrete strategies and tools along the way.”

Kathy Kretman, Ph.D.

Director and Research Professor

Center for Public & Nonprofit Leadership

Georgetown University


“I have over 23 years of experience in the field of training and education…As a presenter, Peter strikes an excellent balance between subject matter expert and storyteller, key to maintaining listener interest.  He illustrates all of his points with examples, frequently asking members of the audience to contribute their own, thus personalizing the content…I heartily endorse Peter Reilly as a speaker for your organization.”

Janet Bernhards

Training Alternatives

Springfield, Virginia


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