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$3,500 - $7,500/exp

Wisconsin Based

Dan Riley  and his "Boomer Humor"

MUSIC & FUN from the 1950'S, 60'S & 70'S

oes your audence want FUN? Well, you've found it!

     Dan Riley combines his incredible voice with wild vocal sound effects, amazing guitar work and a delightfully wacked-out sense of humor to bring back the good times and musical memories of the "Baby Boomer" decades! Young and old alike will enjoy this show from one of the most talented and versatile acts ever.

     Dan has appeared with superstars including Crystal, Leno, Cosby, Reba, Dolly, Sammy and even Frank Sinatra, receiving rave reviews like this:

"There are few things as enjoyable as a performer who has so much depth you find yourself trying to decide whether it is his comedy or his music you like more."-  Don Usherson, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Need an act who can entertain without offending??
Now you're talking — that's Dan Riley's specialty!

     One of the secrets to Dan's great success has been an uncompromising policy of offering shows the whole family can enjoy. Dan never misses... and never offends.

     This rare blend of music, energy and clean comedy makes Dan Riley's "Boomer Humor" the best one-man show to come around in years!

Looking for someone with a proven track record??    Look no further!

Dan has performed around the world for Corporate Conventions, for Cruise audiences, starring in his own show on National Television, and in Concert with the biggest stars in show business. While appearing at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Dan received these reviews:

"With his guitar and ability to perform vocal wonders, Riley has
emerged as one of the thoroughly enjoyable universal entertainers."
- Chicago Sun-Times

- Chicago Sun-Times

"Without a doubt, he's one of the brightest comics on the scene."
- Las Vegas Review-Journal

"It sounded for all the world as if there were four people on stage."
- Schenectady Gazette

"Dan Riley set the audience on its ear."
- Cape Cod Times

"Talent, ENERGY, timing, involving the audience, making people feel he's playing to them personally. That's entertainment!"
- Door County Advocate

"Riley has an incredible talent and singlehandedly can fill a theater
with sound. Most impressive!"
-  Milwaukee Journal

"Singing, playing guitar, telling or singing jokes, Riley is a top-shelf performer."
- Green Bay Press-Gazette

"Riley warmed up the crowd, or should I say cooked it to a crisp."
-  Schenectady Recorder

Rave Reveiws

"Just a quick note to thank you once again for your standing ovation performances for Motorola. These audiences are tough to please because they've seen everything, so getting a standing ovation means you've really won them over."
    - Rich Perry, TBA

"As you know this is your third straight year performing for us. The attitude and enthusiasm by our employees has certainly been gratifying for me."
    - Sure Way Stores, Inc.

"Your performance was just what we needed to get the staff in the right mood."
    - National Arthritis Foundation

"I have never been more pleased with a performer. You can't imagine what a great
feeling it is to hear your boss tell you that you've done well!"
    -  American Furniture Marketing Institute

"We sincerely appreciate your contribution to the success of this network." - Bill Turner, Producer
    - The Nashville Network

"You did a fantastic job! You are a professional in every sense of the word, and your great job makes me look good, too!" 
    -  Michigan Townships Association

"We all enjoyed your performance and the time you spent with us. Please join us again next year."
    - Nabisco Dinah Shore Golf Tournament

"Your presentation could not have been better. Your family style show was perfect for our group." 
    -  Putt-Putt Golf Courses of America

"Mr. Dynamite! You were that and much more. Thank you for a wonderful performance and for making me look good!!"
    - North Carolina League of Savings Institutions

"Success would not be ours without the magnificent performances which you present!"
Sue Carper, Norwegian Cruise Line

"We all enjoyed the show immensely and exited the Walt Disney Theater with great big smiles on our faces."
    -  Internet Cruise Review

"He was hysterical! ...funny & entertaining." 
    -  Internet Cruise Review



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