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Eric Rios

Motivational Speaker

My favorite passion as a speaker is to motivate and inspire others to live a life that they will know mattered. When we get to the end of our lives we will all look back and either wish we would have taken more chances or be just totally satisfied with the choices we made.

It Only Gets Better When You Get Better
This is Eric’s most popular keynote speech. In this talk Eric will challenge the listeners to make new empowering decisions to make themselves better first. If you are struggling in life, in business, in sales, in your relationships, in your career, in your finances or anything else. This is a talk that you need to hear. Nothing will ever get better until you get better.
Eric will discuss the real issues that we face on a daily basis that hold us back from achieving what we want out of our businesses and life. If our business is suffering then it is a people problem. The only way to fix this is to either change the people or take the time to develop the people. This principle applies to all other parts of our business and life.
Every day we make decisions that either help us to grow or keep us where we are. Eric’s emphasis is personal responsibility and your work ethics toward what you want. Let's help your audience make empowering decisions that cause your organization to grow and flourish.


How to Connect and Build an Amazing Team in the Workplace:

The most important asset a company has is its employees. No great company was ever made great without great employees. You will learn 10 ways to connect and build your team in the workplace. This is from the leader down to the lowest job in the company. Every employee plays a critical role in the quality of the company. Learn how to bring your team together and make your team great. This will be a fun talk for your team.
31 Ways to Motivate Yourself and Your Team:

Our biggest barrier holding us back is us. It is not some external problem as we may think. It is fear of the unknown that isholding us back. It is us having beliefs that have been instilled into us since childhood that is causing us not to break through those barriers that will catapult us to a successful life. In this talk we will learn how to destroy those barriers that have kept us from getting the results we want.                                    
Employee Value in the Workplace:

Every employee wants to feel valued by their leaders and their peers. Employees who know their value in the company tend to work harder, smarter and want to be there. Knowing your value in the company reduces employee loss, employee absentee, and increases productivity. We will talk about the circle of value. This talk is customized to your company and group of employees in attendance. 
How to increase your revenue and profits in your company:

Every business fails for two reasons. A lack of money and a lack of sales. There are underlying causes for each one of these. In this talk I will go over 18 different ways to grow your company’s revenues and profits. Some of these may seem like common sense but trust me they are overlooked in most companies.
12 Steps to Creating a Successful Life when you Leave School: 

More people settle for a life of unhappiness and discontent because they are stuck not knowing what to do. We have so many dreams but give up on them because we don't actually believe that we can have them. Many times we need to make sure our dream is a reality for us. When your dream is a reality you will have to change one thing first and that's you. In this talk Eric will go through 12 steps to creating a successful life once you leave school. 


Eric is an expert on overcoming adversities and has been studying personal development, leadership and relationships for the last 20 years. Eric is the author of two books. Built to Succeed, and The Secret to Marriage. He started and ran his own 7 figure a year service business for 7 years.
Eric is an expert in Customer Service, Employee Engagement, and Leadership in the Workplace and the Power of Relationships in both the workplace and home.
Eric has been trained as a speaker by some of the very best in the speaking industry and has spoken to both kids and adults over 500 times.
Eric is a graduate of the world famous Bill Gove speech workshop, has taken the Patricia Fripp speaking course, and the Craig Valentine speaking course. Eric is a proud member of his local toastmasters club.
He is a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach and a John Maxwell Leadership Coach.
Eric is the author of two books, and the author of a 9 CD audio product on marriage.
Eric created a 7 figure a year business within his first 4 years of being in business. He understands what a company needs and what individuals need to get from where they are to where they want to be.
He knows it all starts with motivation and we all need a little bit of that sometimes.

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Topics: Sales, Motivation, Team Work, Communication