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T.C. Roekle

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"Accelerate Learning" and "Increase Personal and Professional Performance"

T. C. Roekle is an award winning classroom teacher, secondary and elementary principal, assistant superintendent, author and adjunct professor. She has spearheaded many major efforts in the areas of educational leadership, standards implementation, technology integration, and school reform. T.C. is a highly respected educator who has solid leadership experience with a focus on innovative strategies to raise student achievement and professional performance at the building, district, national and international levels.

As a speaker, she forms a powerful connection with her audiences through personal experiences, insights and stories. In her entertaining and thought-provoking presentations, she will assist you in identifying specific organizational and educational strategies that will enable your organization or school to thrive today and into the future. T.C. will thoroughly research your unique challenges and opportunities to ensure that her message addresses timely, practical issues that are relevant to your educational community. Her dynamic personality and ability to captivate and motivate audiences make her a highly regarded national and international speaker.

T.C.  has been the recipient of numerous administrative honors including, PTA 'Administrator of the Year', Siena Heights University's 'Educator of the Year', and six consecutive State Senate Tributes for creating statewide reading initiatives in her home state of Michigan. T.C. was also twice nominated 'National Teacher of the Year'. She has served on many educational advisory boards including Eastern Michigan University and the International Jason Project.

T.C. is president of T.C. Roekle & Associates and the co-author of the eBook Designing Thriving Schools,"Using Proven Strategies and Technologies to Accelerate Learning"; and Designing Thriving Schools Workshop, a strategic thinking and planning process that is designed to provide educators at all levels with the tools and strategies they need to shape a positive future for their schools. Developed in collaboration with Daniel Burrus, one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and author of Technotrends, this unique program combines cutting-edge information about the newest technological innovations with the latest research-based education strategies to stimulate new ideas and thinking.




"Thriving schools don’t emerge by chance – they develop by design." Thriving Schools continually and persistently lift the bar on student achievement and professional performance through effective proven research based strategies. And leading educators welcome the opportunity and responsibility of preparing millennium students for their future using effective design as their competitive edge. In this dynamic, relevant and idea provoking presentation, T.C. will identify student competencies for the 21st century and present powerful "leading educator" strategies that will instill a "can do" attitude in the hearts of participants. Her enthusiastic leadership will provide an invitation to teachers and administrators to celebrate in their own creativity, and become excited, inquisitive, and eager contributors to their future success.

DESIGNING THRIVING SCHOOLS: Integrating Strategy, Technology and People

"It's not about the Technology... It's about the learning." In the midst of unprecedented technological change, today’s educators are continually searching for new and effective ways to unleash technology’s promise to accelerate learning and increase professional performance. Understanding the impact of these changes, and the opportunities they create, is an essential step toward a comprehensive design for transforming learning through the purposeful integration of technology, strategy and people. In this dynamic and inspiring presentation, T.C. Roekle shares innovative ideas for applying technologies and effective educational strategies that will prepare our students for their future. “Non-techies” and “techies” alike will discover new ways in which technology can bring enjoyment and excitement to the learning and working environment. Through personal insights, humor and proven examples, educators will gain the confidence to “rebecome experts,” creating classrooms and schools that will thrive long into the future.


Yes, educators at every level are facing the challenges of increased external accountability, rigorous federal mandates, and competition for students, all fueled by the rapid pace of technological change. Yet, there has never been a greater opportunity to make a positive impact on education from the inside, "where knowledge of the learner drives the decision making process". In this highly motivating, thought provoking, and entertaining presentation, T.C. will share personal experience, practical examples, and research-based educational strategies that illustrate how to capitalize on these challenges. Teachers and administrators will learn to look to the visible future and strategically position their schools to thrive now and in years to come. They will gain a renewed excitement and passion for their profession, while redefining their roles as lead educators.


DESIGNING THRIVING SCHOOLS STRATEGY GAME®: A Strategic Thinking and Planning Process

Designing Thriving Schools is a leadership seminar within a highly interactive "card game" format. The card game establishes a dynamic and engaging environment that encourages the creative exchange of ideas. It harnesses the brainpower of participants by providing cutting-edge information and descriptions of the latest technology tools as well as examples of effective educational and organizational strategies. The goal is to identify tools and strategies that your team can implement to accelerate learning and increase professional performance. The result is team consensus, and the prioritizing of a short list of educational imperatives that will become key elements for future planning. T.C. co-authored this process with one of the world's leading technology forecasters, Daniel Burrus. This program gives participants confidence to explore future possibilities and initiate action.

T. C. Roekle, a seasoned national and international presenter, will quickly form a powerful connection with your audience through her own personal insights, drawn from 30 years of experience in the field of education. She will thoroughly research your unique challenges and opportunities to ensure that her message addresses timely, practical issues, which are relevant to your educational community.



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Topics: Education, Leadership, Goal Setting, Change, Technology, Strategic Planning

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