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Steve Rosen

Strategic Business Leader, Speaker, Trainer and Author

Thanks for taking a look at the Domino Effect. If you're looking for effective and efficient ways to move your business forward, or if you're in need of an entertaining speaker/trainer with a strong message, please contact me. With over 20+ years of start-up, new product development, process improvement, and sales & marketing management experience, an MBA, and a great network of suppliers and vendors, you can expect your interaction with Domino Effect to be exceptional. Thanks again for your consideration!

Steve Rosen
President, CEO

Together we'll line up the dominoes for expected results and desired success!

* Marketing Stategy, Direction & Implementation Leadership
* NPI, NPD, Product Management Services
* Sales Training & Sales Management
* Total Business Solutions
* Leadership & Management Development
* Corporate/Association Speaking Events

Marketing & Management
I worked with Steve for two years when our company was developing a new product line. This line used similar technology, but applied in a completely different market than what was traditional to us. Most of our company (and myself) are scientists, and had little expertise in marketing, and little appreciation, in fact, for how important it would be. Steve was essentially a one-man marketing and new business development department at our company.

I have never seen anyone work as hard as Steve. He started our company from literally nothing in this new market, running add campaigns, starting representative and distributor networks from scratch, running focus groups, charging up our engineering group on the importance of their work, training and managing subordinates, developing relationships with outside suppliers, and forging strategic alliances with other companies – in short, everything it took to make our venture in this new business opportunity a success. He did all this while completing his MBA and flying over 100,000 miles. Steve was very creative, got along well with everyone, and forged fast relationships with distributors, customers, and even competitors to gain insights into the market. I learned a great deal from the way Steve approached developing a new business.
- Dr. Mark Prouty, PhD, President of Geometrics, Inc., San Jose, CA

If you have a vision for your business, but you aren't sure what steps are needed to reach your organization's goals, Steve is the answer to all of your questions. I've witnessed Steve turn a good idea into a fully staffed and operating company in just a few months. He is incredible! Steve was a client of mine and now I am fortunate to have him as my COO. We are lean and mean, we know where we want to go, we know how to get there, and we have the right people in place to ensure our success. Thanks Steve!
- Brad Kivlan, President & CEO, Kivlan Group, Inc.

Steve is a highly organized and experienced professional. I have worked on numerous projects with him - very knowledgable and in-tune with client needs. Steve has a dynamic personality, which makes it easy for him to connect and communicate.
- Eric Martin, Principal and Creative Director, MartinGroup Identity + Design

Steve’s enthusiasm and exuberance is great, his dependability is exceptional. There has never been any reason to doubt that Steve would do what he said he was going to do…and much more!
- Tom Scheithe, General Manager, Mid Atlantic Network

Steve has exceptional organizational skills, a real team player who is dedicated to accomplishing our goals.
- Michael Maholick, Marketing Manager, Pen-Tab Inc.

Steve has always demonstrated a high level of professionalism and integrity by building relationships and following through with his promises. His book offers a step-by-step plan and explanation of how doing things right can pay huge dividends in the short term and in the long run.
- Gary Hoke, CEO, Hoke Distributing, Statesville, NC

Steve offers a real hands-on approach from a 'real' people person. Steve Rosen masterfully built a team where each memeber was made to feel like an 'all-star' contributor...
- Barry Lee, Mid Atlantic Network, Winchester, VA


Steve, your seminar was fantastic! I really enjoyed your incorporation of our day‐to‐day business interactions in your presentation. You gave somany examples and brought forth a great sense of clarity when reflecting on inner‐office relationships.

The role playing was very important so people could use their own experiences to see how to respond and troubleshoot.

I enjoyed listening to all the comments about the "noise" in our lives and how it affects us in the workplace.

Steve's truly one of the most dynamic speakers around.

Great job! Thanks again for taking time to come in and talk to our group!

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