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Fee: $3000/exp
with Illusions $4500/exp
Colorado Based

Incredible! The way you customized the show to make it relevant to the  company was fantastic.

Kirk White - Time-Warner Cable

Keir Royale

Comedian, Magician
& Motivational Speaker

Keir Royale is an award-winning comedy magician whose experience spans over 20 years. His magical versatility includes elaborate stage shows, motivational meeting entertainment and grand illusion.

Keir's performance can be tailored to meet individual needs, incorporating specifically requested details, from quick-witted comedy to complex illusions. Audiences love Keir's ability to keep them laughing, his interaction with audience members, and a performance that leaves them wanting more.

 With awards including Runner-up for Best Stage Magic at the esteemed Midwest Magic Jubilee, Keir provides the highest quality magic and entertainment for your dollar. Whether you're planning a corporate event, private party or something spectacular for your college campus, Keir Royale is sure to exceed your expectations!

About Keir

My interest in magic began at the age of fourteen. I began frequenting the local magic shop where I found a fascinating mix of magic as well as instructional books and videos on everything from card tricks to dove magic. Many of these videos were being produced and filmed right there in my home town of Wichita and soon I was fortunate enough to witness some of the best magicians in the world perform live not more than a few miles from my house. 

My uncle had also developed an interest in magic when he was young and had a great collection of antique magic props. So after I had convinced him that I was serious about my new interest, I hit the ground running with a magic show that would have made almost any kid jealous. 

Through the years I never gave up on magic. In 1993 I moved to Tulsa, OK to go to flight school. I took my magic along with me wherever I went and worked on the side performing in restaurants and at birthday parties or anywhere else someone invited me to perform. 

After four years of flying full time, first as a flight instructor and then as a charter pilot for the University of Colorado, I decided to make flying my hobby and magic my profession. 


I had the good fortune of having Keir entertain at a recent private party. I must say Keir was extremely professional and easy to work with, his magical style was very playful, humorous, and interactive and involved many participants from the audience as they got to experience magic first hand. My guests are still asking, "Okay, how did he do THAT?" I would highly recommend Keir for an engaging, amazing and memorable magical experience!

Nan Janson
Greenwood Village, CO

"Everyone loved it, hilarious show!"

Sid Hartman, Hartman Bros. Medical Supply

"Very funny stuff!"

Mike Harrer - DJ Magic Mike's Entertainment

"The magic was outstanding and the delivery hilarious."

Julie Doro

Keir presented a fun show. He did a great job of involving the audience of college students. He related well to their age group and was a hit!

Charlene Duran
Trinidad State Junior College
Trinidad, CO 

Hilarious, everyone loved it!!!

Sid Hartman
Hartman Brother's Medical Supply
Montrose, CO

We were very pleased with Keir's performance! He gave a great show which had us amazed and laughing through out. He incorporated many audience members into his show, which really personalized it for our group. We appreciate the fact that he could give a corporate friendly(G-rated) show, but yet kept the audience's interest. We'd recommend him for most any corporate or public event.

Cathy Kindall - Moltz Construction Salida, CO

Incredible! The way you customized the show to make it relevant to the  company was fantastic.

Kirk White - Time-Warner Cable

Keir Royale is an accomplished motivational speaker who uses humor and magic to demonstrate to corporate audiences that "life really is magical." He provides the tools to overcome obstacles and realize how easily we overlook life's most amazing rewards.


"Life Is Magical" - In this presentation Keir shows his audience how life truly is "Magical" if you only look for the magic in what so many of us take for granted every day.

"Making Money By Magic" - Keir demonstrates how his own success as a magician and speaker can be transferred to those in the corporate workplace by placing emphasis on taking care of the customer, networking, producing a quality product and doing the right thing.

"Rubber Chicken Soup" Humorous and inspirational messages for the soul. Keir
goes beyond story telling to highlight how we can all learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others who have consciously decided to go that extra mile for someone.

"The Magic Solution" Using his talents as a magician, Keir performs a show that carries a message behind every trick to encourage employees to look in unique directions to find answers to everyday problems.

Shelley Ashworth

When venues call for larger more theatrical productions, Shelley Ashworth joins Keir as they present large scale illusions and hilarious comedy to audiences all over the country. Shelley brings her talents as an actress and spokeswoman to the stage as she entertains alongside Keir and occasionally takes on the role of magician herself. Aside from working with Keir, Shelley has appeared in numerous television commercials ranging from local spots to national advertising campaigns as well as short films and has appeared on the television show 21 Jump Street.


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