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Alabama Based

Mike Royer

The Heart Of Motivation


You will discover when you schedule Mike for your next important meeting that he brings a mixture of humor, inspiration, professionalism and insight to every gathering. He taps into his years of experience to share from his heart with individuals and groups from all walks of life.

"My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Wilkes, told me that she hoped that someday, somewhere, I’d find someone willing to pay me to talk for a living. I have been fulfilling her prediction for the last 30 years. I am a broadcaster and I can't imagine doing anything else. When I am not anchoring the news, I love sharing with groups and organizations stories of my life that inspire and motivate."

Mike has spoken to regional and national convention audiences for more than 20 years. He speaks with insight and humor when he delivers customized presentations derived from stories of his life that inspire and motivate us both personally and professionally.

Business, Education, Churches, Agriculture, Healthcare, Government Agencies, Non-Profits


Using our core values to develop winning attitudes.

Finding the heart of your motivation.

Setting a value-based vision for your team.

Feeling good about everyone winning.

Delivering your message in a positive way.

Being significant as well as successful.

Winning with honesty, hard work, and compassion.

Inspiring positive attitudes and performance.


"I cannot recall another speaker receiving a standing ovation at any of our conventions. Our people were truly touched by his comments."
Janice W. Cox - Community Banks Association of Alabama

"My expectations were high - but Mike exceeded them in every way. Even some of the cynical/skeptical types out here (and we do have a few) were singing his praise. In my book, he is one of the best motivational and inspirational speakers around. He has the ability of connecting with the 'every man' out there"
Rev. Richard B Hanna - Chaplain, Kirkwood by the River

"Mike comes through to an audience with great sense of humor that ties in with most inspiring human interest stories Our audience would get teary-eyed from the stories he told, then laugh the tears away as he shared his experiences with us."
Bill Powell - Hoover Alabama Chamber of Commerce

"He was truly a charming person with a real story to share. Our team would most assuredly invite him back to speak again."
Ron Freisen - Century 21

"I don't know when I've been touched more by a speaker. His message brought things home to me and made me want to do something significant every day."
Deborah Spann - Wallace State community College

"I invited Mike to speak to my team to deliver a message of practical inspiration and purpose. Taking a brief reprieve from the daily grind was important to reflect on the values that deliver a winning attitude and improved teamwork. What I saw was an improved sense of self, respect, and consideration of others."
Gary Yiatchos - Chief Marketing Officer, Goody's Family Clothing

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