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Scott Schwefel has entertained and trained tens of thousands on how to understand themselves better, and connect quickly with colleagues, prospects and clients. He has taught over 500 CEOs these skills in the past 5 years, as well as thousands of executives all over the world. Let's face it, most of us have experienced an MBTI or DiSC assessment in our professional careers, but almost no one puts these principles into daily practice...until now. Scott takes audiences through a highly interactive experience to demonstrate principles of communication that really work, that deliver personal growth, and enhance interpersonal communications. Scott blends humor, science, and self awareness to give delegates all the tools and knowledge they need to rocket ahead in their communications expertise.

More About Scott

By age 30 Scott Schwefel founded what became Minnesota's largest technology training company, Benchmark Computer Learning, and then sold his stake in that company for more than a million dollars in 2003. His company was named one of the 50 fastest growing private companies in Minnesota in 1997 and 1998, and he was named to Minnesota's 40 under 40 list of successful top executives in the year 2001.

Scott Schwefel is also Managing Partner of Scotland Based Insights Learning & Development in the Twin Cities. He trains and coaches CEOs, Presidents and Senior Executives, and as a professional speaker, brings the magic of Insights Discovery to thousands around the world. He is also a published author, has lived remotely with the Hadza and Maasai tribes in Tanzania, and is a sought after speaker for Vistage, the largest organization of CEOs in the world.

Scott has been speaking professionally for over 20 years, and enjoys large diverse audiences. His programs are both entertaining, and provide simple tools for participants to better connect and adapt with each other immediately afterwards. Keynoting at the start of a multi-day conference, where the tools can be used immediately afterwards, is the best possible engagement, and delivers lasting impact.

Here is what others have said about Scott Schwefel's Presentations

Scott's strength is his passion/knowledge.

Excellent presentation style - very engaging. I thought the examples were very helpful to relate to our own company situation.

Great delivery, kept in fun - knew his stuff. Very important information. Great for business, but also personal life.

Very good/great energy.

Effective and energetic.

Well spoken, thorough, deliberate. His content was informative.

Knowledgeable, fluent presentation. Good personal insight.

Scott's delivery identified points that could relate with and I believe that the group can relate with. Scott discussed the topics with real-life examples.

Engaging delivery. Time moved fast. Very relevant content.

Excellent, enthusiastic, and passionate. Highly relevant and rich content.

Great content: Great tool to understand my team.

Good delivery. Some concepts need more time and explanation. The insights wheel should have more time devoted.

Good speaker. He has an engaging personal style and communicates the content clearly. Presentation described a personal communication and management technique to improve interpersonal relationships.

Very outgoing. Very strong knowledge of information. Clear that he lives it!

Clear, concise, positive. Strong presentation, materials detailed.

Good pace. Like the toolkit. Good session for group dynamics.

Liked that he covered how to communicate with different personalities and understand your own communication style.

Wow, the delivery was dead on. Content was also very well built.

Good combination of content, tools, and interaction. Valuable day!

Excellent presentation skills. Good content - well thought.

Clear, good energy - moved around the room kept folks engaged.

Great - easy to listen to. Kept me engaged. Helped me understand others in the group a little better.

Powerful and important.

Good pace, delivery, energy, and INVOLVEMENT. Great content/handout but would have liked to make notes next to slides while he talked. Offer more actionable ways to bring back to our organization.

Engaging; good energy - speaker seems to be fully engaged in what he's doing. Prepared, organized! Pace was good. Lots of good handouts - a good balance of interaction. We could have gone longer to more thoroughly understand it.

Great material and interaction with group. Good job.

Energetic, engaged, loves the material. Very detailed content - good examples - made sense of difficult stuff.

Outstanding - energetic, personable, clear, positive delivery. Content informative and useful. Well grounded theoretically and with plenty of practical applications.

Expert presenter. Impressive command of subject.

Very engaging. Good exercises. Good that he didn't give us evals upfront - would have lost my attention. Content was valuable and immediately useful. Can see where this adds value. We've tried other similar things at work - this seems more effective, easy to understand. A little more time to discuss dynamics.

Good stuff. Validated things about myself. Very positive and enthusiastic. Everyone was very engaged. More time would be great.

Detailed and energetic. Spent appropriate time drilling down on concepts.

Great use of anecdotes to convey message. Enjoyed the presentation - handouts and tools are very useful.

Very good combination on didactic delivery, visual aids (slide show) group participation. Very engaging. Great improvement. How do I get additional copies (samples) of laminated cards, blocks, and spiral notebook.

Fun, interactive. I was comfortable. Not sure what I will be doing with it but I want to try and see if it is beneficial. Like the blocks.

Knew his content. Good content, not too much, not too little. What worked was focus on listening and understanding the slides and pictures.

Good presentation, very helpful. Follow-on tools, very good at explaining. Personality analysis and background. Research to ensure application back in office and in life.

We just ran out of time would have been useful to learn more about implementation. Speaker's strengths-Clarity, enthusiasm, belief in material. Value: Gave them greater insights into their personal style and how to interact with others.

Very interesting-kept everyone involved. Excellent tools. Suggests, need him at my company.

Very charismatic, good delivery of message, technical issues. Content-"unconscious competence", awareness of others' styles in communication.

Very articulate, extremely prepared and delivered a polished and professional presentation. Extremely relevant, personally, professionally and for the Vistage group dynamic. Would like to know where to go for additional resources and to expand this presentation to the rest of our company.

Very open and fluid. He was able to modify his presentation to the groups strengths and weakness. The content is very relevant to any organization and individuals. More time would be helpful. More information on how to implement back at the individuals companies.

Relaxed and engaging. Helpful in getting to know myself better. The personal profile was great.

Excellent! Engaging, sharp, poised and comfortable; knows his stuff and it shows! Very interesting; very helpful and effective. Would have loved to have a full day!

Highly effective, great stories, very accessible.

Scott was interactive and got all members involved. The content was out of the box and different from the norm. Definitely giving all who attended an edge.

Engaging, organized, lively, interactive. Thought provoking; good graphics; understandable.

Clear delivery, very flexible in terms of relating content to individuals particular circumstances. Additional practical examples.

Engaging, interactive and lively delivery. Content is clearly articulated and demonstrated.

The delivery was brisk and engaging.


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Topics: Sales, Communication, Performance Improvement, Personal Development, Inspirational, Peak Performance

Industry specialties: Sales, Finance

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