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Nebraska Based

R.P. Smith
Rancher, Humorist & Cowboy 

About R.P. Smith
R.P. Smith is the fourth generation to raise cattle on the Pinecrest Ranch in Custer County NE. Pinecrest Ranch will celebrate its centennial in 2006, R.P. Says that it still isn’t a real big place, he just comes from a long line of stubborn and persistent people.  The commentary and poetry that R.P. shares are a by-product of the beef industry, and have been processed by reciting for ruminates, relatives, and ranchers.

For over ten years R.P. has been supplementing his ranching habit by entertaining folks throughout the country. He has performed hundreds of times, sharing the stage with some of the top names in Western and Country Western entertainment. His talents as a performer have taken him to fifteen states and Canada and have earned him a featured performer slot at some of the larger Cowboy Poetry Gatherings, including trips to the National Cowboy Poetry gathering in Elko, Nevada.

R.P.'s material is inspired by his family and what's going on at the ranch, giving his work anauthenticity and down-to-earth quality that strikes a familiar chord with his audiences, regardless of their occupation. He has found that humor and a firm faith that God is in control are mighty important tools to have when life takes an unexpected turn.

One of those unexpected turns was an opportunity to host Homegrown, a weekly radio program that he puts together on the ranch, featuring his own commentary and poetry along with guest performers, entertainers that he has crossed trails with, who were willing to swap CD’s. Homegrown is aired Sunday mornings on several Nebraska stations.

R.P.'s Books
R.P. has written one book and produced two CD’s and a Video, and has another recording project in the works, it’s hard to step off of a fast moving horse so he is just trying to keep a deep seat and enjoy the ride. Judging from the opportunities that he is given to perform, generated almost entirely by word of mouth, it is obvious that many folks are getting a kick out of riding along.

Home Is Where The Heart Is
Most days you will still find R.P. at home on the ranch near Broken Bow, Nebraska, caring for the ranch livestock, analyzing and adjusting to the constantly changing world of agriculture, and looking and listening for the next inspiration to strike. Or you may find him fine- tuning his latest work by practicing for his wife Beth, the ranch livestock, or when he wants a really to
tough audience, his six children.


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