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Georgia Based

Greg Smith

"Getting Business People Fired Up!"

If you want to achieve success and stay competitive, take care of your people on the front line.

Recognized as a leading authority on talent management, organizational transformation and employee retention. Smith teaches businesses how to create exceptional workplaces that attract, retain and motivate talented people.

"The backbone of any organization is the people on the front line. No matter what industry you are in, success depends on engaging their creative abilities and accelerating the performance of the entire workforce, from the bottom to the top."

As an international speaker and author, Smith has addressed organizations in over 26 countries. He has spoken to hundreds of associations, human resource associations, healthcare organizations and businesses. Key topics include how to:

• Manage change
• Create exceptional places to work
• Build strong leaders
• Deliver outstanding customer service
• Attract, retain and engage your workforce
• Grow your business and increase sales

Smith's presentations are inspirational, informative and entertaining with a highly interactive style that connects with audiences. He combines story and strategy to teach audiences how to create high-performance organizations that facilitate change, growth and innovation.

As the founder and Lead Navigator of Chart Your Course International Inc., Smith helps executives and business owners accelerate individual and organizational performance and navigate through increasing rates of change. He helps design strategies and processes to grow organizations and implements business initiatives creating clearer direction, increased profitability, stronger executive teams, improved communication and happier and more productive employees.

Clients include Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winners and Fortune magazine's "Top 100 Best Places to Work." Smith has also designed professional development programs for national and international organizations including Yamaha, Ace Hardware, AFLAC, Hallmark Cards, Sony, Deloitte, Bobcat, Kaiser Permanente, AT&T, Turner Broadcasting, Delta Airlines and Honda.

Smith built his career on the front line as a U.S. Army Officer. He worked for the Army Surgeon General as a senior consultant responsible for quality management and strategic planning for the U.S. Army Medical Department. In addition, he served on the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the nation's highest honor for business excellence presented by the President of the United States.

Smith has written and published over 350 articles and 9 books including his latest, Fired Up! Leading Your Organization to Achieve Exceptional Results. He has been featured in hundreds of magazines and trade journals and appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including Bloomberg Business News and PBS television.


• The Navigator Newsletter, Publisher (over 25,000 subscribers)
• The New Leader: Bringing Creativity and Innovation to the Workplace
• TNT for Teams: Dynamic Ways to Reward, Energize and Motivate Your Teams
• Here Today, Here Tomorrow: Transforming Your Workforce from High-Turnover to High-Retention
• Icebreakers and Teambuilding Exercises
• Supervisor's Passport to Success: A Quick and Easy Guide for Managing People
• 401 Proven Ways to Retain Your Best Employees
• Fired Up! Leading Your Organization to Achieve Exceptional Results (2010)
• Talent Relationship Management: Competing Through Talent, Contributing Author


• USA Today
• HR Magazine
• Business Week
• Christian Science Monitor
• President & CEO
• Boston Globe
• Kiplinger's Personal Finance
• Investor's Business Daily

Honors & Awards

• Member of Georgia Toastmaster's Hall of Fame
• Board of Examiners, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
• Legion of Merit and the Order of Military Medical Merit, U.S. Army Surgeon General
• Harvard University's International Directory of Management Scholars
• Who's Who of Professional Speaking
• One of the nation's Top-Ten "Rising Stars" in human resource management, Human Resource Executive magazine

Melodi Szymczak, Director, Vital Learning
"Greg is a creative genius. He is laser-focused on providing his clients with solutions in talent management, leadership development and customer service. He gets the job done and will produce the results you need."

Dave Dibble, Director of Marketing, Sunshine Companies
"Four hours of my time in your seminar has resulted in a 51% improvement of our revenues during the first quarter of the year. We should reach $450-500 million easily. Our teams work smart as well as hard and each member is having a lot more fun working together. You are the ‘Deal of the Century.'"

Rolando Marchis, President, Odyssey Transformational Strategies
"[Greg's] insights into determining issues, problems and opportunities inside any company are among the best I have seen. He can literally walk into a company or organization, and just by observing people work and communicate and asking a number of key questions, he can ... understand why the company is not advancing the progress on its own and what it needs to do to move forward. If you want problems identified and solutions provided and implemented, Greg is one of the best I have seen. You will go ‘right' by working with Greg."



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Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Business Growth, Employees/Workforce, Human Resources/Labor Relations, Management

Industry specialties: Sales, Services