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California Based

Stephen B

Heavyweight of Clean Comedy


For 28 years Stephen B has been making audiences laugh in comedy clubs, corporate events, private functions and churches all over the country. His comedy is up-beat, positive and always appropriate. His material is topical, silly, thoughtful and absurd but most of all funny and guaranteed to make you laugh until it hurts!

Clean stand-up comedy is a sure fire hit with any audience and perfect when you want to laugh yourself silly without feeling guilty about it later!

Inspired by comedy greats Bill Cosby and George Carlin, Stephen is an animated story teller on a mission to expose the absurdity of being human from a positive and grateful perspective. Stephen takes his audience on a fast paced roller coaster ride of comedy using memories of his hilarious life experience and unique points of view and combines them with clever word play and well written routines as they all come together in a crescendo of uproarious laughter and applause.

Stephen B was the winner of the Alemeda County Comedy Competition and placed in the top five out of hundreds taking third place in both the Seattle Comedy Competition and the San Fransisco Comedy Competition. Stephen has opened for hundreds of musical acts including Julio Inglesais, Michael Bolton, Kansas, Hiroshima, Al DiMeola, Manhattan Transfer, Weird Al Yankovick and Leon Redbone and has headlined in some of the most prestigious comedy clubs in the country.

His corporate clints include: Cisco Systems, Conner Peripherals, Deloitte, EBay, Genentech, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Lockheed, Microsoft, NEC, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Rolm Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Toshiba and Yahoo. Stephen B is also a favorite at dozens of California and Nevada casinos.

Stephen B managed to connect with everyone in the room in some way. He was absolutely hysterical and had quite a few people laughing so hard they were crying. - Kristine Reimer-Reimer Reporting Service

“Stephen B is a high energy, good time, fun comedian." - Tony Modica founder of Rooster T Feathers Comedy Club

“Stephen B's act is the combination of great comedy timing and well written material performed flawlessly!” - Jack Gallagher


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