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Dan Stockdale

Adventures In Leadership

Dan Stockdale is an amazing keynote speaker with a powerful message, Dan inspires lasting change through his entertaining and unforgettable presentations. He is the only keynoter in the world to use a live tiger on stage during his presentations as he teaches audiences his leadership best-practices!  His principles have a direct impact on revenue, peak performance, positive customer experiences, and ultimately, profits of every organization he touches.

Dan’s presentations weave in his extraordinary background and experience that includes establishing a concert production company, a healthcare administration company, a real estate development firm and a continuing-education organization.

Dan’s message is always on target, practical and undoubtedly the most memorable of all the presentations your conference attendees will hear for years to come!

Dan Stockdale knows that true leadership is an adventure like none other. His tailored presentations address the key challenges that organizations and leaders at all levels of experience face everyday.

 Dan often uses exotic animals in his presentations to illustrate his powerful, unforgettable message. But these exotics are more than just attention-getters of a motivational speaker. Dan’s background in psychology and his experience with handling and studying exotic animals has helped him develop powerful leadership strategies based on operant conditioning and positive reinforcement in ways that revolutionize the companies who adopt them.

Dan uses the animals in his presentations as a keynote speaker to clearly illustrate basic principals that leave a lasting impression. Whether the animals are on stage with Dan or presented in high-quality video, their presence is unforgettable.   Q & A on using animals during presentations!

Taming Tigers

We all have our own “tigers” in our daily work. How we respond often defines patterns of success or failure. Taming Tigers is a dynamic, multimedia event that Dan tailors to the specific needs of your organization. In this presentation, Dan teaches principles to achieving success and mastering leadership while conquering the wild and unexpected challenges your team faces in the real world.

 From a senior executive team dealing with hostile shareholders and challenging board members, to a group of customer service representatives working the front lines, Taming Tigers is specifically tailored to address the business challenges facing employees today in ways that produce immediate, easy-to-implement solutions.

It’s a Jungle in There!

 Towering Turnover!
 Sinking Profits!
 Plunging Productivity!
 Employee Morale Exhausted!
 Negativity Abounds!

There is HOPE!  “It’s a Jungle in There” may be just the answer your organization is looking for!  This 3 hour seminar / workshop is like group therapy for the entire organization!  Maybe you have just been through high regulatory scrutiny, unjust press, threatened or occurring labor issues, or any other of a myriad of other issues that can cause unrest, mistrust or uncertainty in an organization.  List isn’t a life-changing experience; it’s an organization-wide changing experience!  “It’s a Jungle in There!” will be tailored to your specific organizational needs whether it be a smaller 12-person department or a 12,000-employee organization.
    •      Achieve Unity in Focus Throughout All Levels of the Organization
    •      Get Employees to Buy into the Bottom Line
    •      Create a harmonious work environment
    •      Increase Employee Retention
    •      Eradicate Bad Attitudes
    •     Increase Production

Stop Lion - Start Selling!

“Stop Lion – Start Selling” gets your sales staff to stop “lion” to themselves and gets them to see their sales results in a realistic frame of reference.  Then, after they see their current results in objective form, we teach them techniques that will REALLY improve their performance – a focus on relationships.  “Stop Lion – Start Selling” is a great way to motivate your sales force and get them on track with their goals.  “Stop Lion – Start Selling” can be customized to whatever length of time you need – from a 1 hour presentation to a full day!  It is applicable to anyone in sales from financial products, to automotive, to real estate, to the medical / pharmaceutical industry.

Taming the Tiger of Teamwork

This full-day (6 hour) workshop enables your team to come together, define their obstacles to performance, and begin their journey toward ongoing resolution of the issues.  This full day session will take the headstrong tigers in your organization, and the meek kittens, and put them all on the same level so that they can perform in harmony in the arena of your business.  “Taming the Tiger of Teamwork” gets the individuals to take the focus off of themselves and put it where it belongs, on their team and the organizations goals.  It is a sure way to get diverse departments to begin working together and to get their “buy-in” into the right goals and outcomes.

Dan Stockdale is the president of The Leadership-Conservation Institute, Inc., (TLCII) a non-profit corporation dedicated to the development of leadership in organizations and to the preservation and replenishment of endangered species.  While recognizing the importance of conservation of our environment, Dan is often called a "Green Keynote Speaker".  In addition to environmental conservation, he believes in corporate conservation.  Just as our earth must be conserved he believes that leaders within organizations must be nurtured to ensure their continued flourishing existence! Leadership and conservation are his hallmarks!

CONSERVATIONIST - Dan's work at The Leadership-Conservation Institute, Inc. is centered around the reintroduction of endangered species into the environment.  He is currently working on a multi-year plan to breed and reintroduce cotton-top tamarins back into the jungles of northwest Columbia.

Dan Stockdale is a highly successful leadership speaker with a reputation for effectively transforming companies of all sizes from inefficient, marginal performers to industry leaders known for the highest quality of service and performance.

What makes Dan so effective is his ability to combine best-practice leadership principles with his expertise in human and animal behavior. With an educational background in psychology and decades of experience working with exotic animals, Dan has made remarkable discoveries that have led to the development of principles that are as revolutionary as they are practical and effective. Dan uses humor, real-world examples, and exciting demonstrations to drive home these success principles.

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