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Fee: $3700-$6000/exp

South Carolina Based

Glenn Strange

Comic Magician & Speaker

Glenn Strange has a true passion for making people laugh and helping them  discover the hidden humor in their everyday lives. With constant audience feedback like, “This was the best one ever,” Glenn has become one of the most popular keynote comical entertainers for the corporate and the association market today. Years ago he started as a weekend birthday party magician. To this day Glenn is haunted with memories of sugar overdosed children kidnaping his magic props, the twelve long hours he spent in a hot humid Chick-fil-A chicken costume, and the birthday mom that dressed as a Big Blue Clown, scooped ice cream, and talked as a smoldering Virginia Slim cigarette bounced up and down in her blue lips.  Let Glenn bring laughter and praises to your next event with his hilarious true stories and his one of a kind audience interactive program. A comical experience that’s 100% clean and respectful. Don’t miss this opportunity to laugh and be inspired.

 Glenn’s funny business specializes in providing quality entertaining programs for corporations, and associations all over the United States. His interactive program uses comedy, magic, with true life humorous stories to make people laugh, feel good about themselves, and look at their life in a bit of a “Strange” way.

Using the Power of Laughter to Stop Communicating and Start Connecting: A Laugh and Learn Seminar

This is a totally different way of marketing and connecting. So powerful that, even during slow economical times, you’ll gain new clients while other’s are struggling. Glenn Strange originated and has successfully used this method for years. Now, it’s time to reveal his secret. Using humor, laughter, creativity, and honest sincerity you’ll transform your customers into lifelong clients that consider you their friend. Not only can this method be used for businesses seeking to increase their bottom line, it’s great for associations, churches, civic organizations, non profits, or any group that’s serious about building long lasting relationships, growing their numbers, improving income streams, providing better services, products, and building a positive image. Here are Just a Few Benefits:

  • Become Unforgettable
  • Improve Workforce Morale
  • Out Perform Your Competition
  • Grow Your Clients, Customers, and Members
  • Marketing Will Become Fun.
  • Increase Your Bottom Line
  • Lower Your Marketing Expense
  • Increase Sales
  • Clients Will Eagerly Refer You
  • Reduce Customer Complaints
  • Improve All Relationships
  • Clients Will Eager Answer Your Calls
  • Reduce Phone Messages
  • Clients Will Be Excited to Hear From You
  • Clients Will Never Forget You
  • You’ll Have More “You Time”
  • Fullfilling your expectations are first!

It’s very important that you receive the most value for your investment. Please call and to discuss your specific needs, desires, and goals. If for any reason, we feel Glenn’s unique approach to “marketing and connecting” may not be a good match, we’ll tell you so. We look forward to making a positive difference in your future.

Awards, Honors, & Recognitions

2010/2011 NSA/Carolinas President

2008/2009 NSA/Carolinas Member of the Year

2009 South Carolina Magician of the Year

Ist Place 10th Annual Atlanta Harvest Magic Convention

A Little More About Glenn
Glenn has performed at the Magic Castle, in Hollywood, CA, and the Comedy Barn Theater, in Pigeon Forge, TN. He's the author of "You've Got Mail". A hilarious book that's 100% clean and not silly. He's the author 'It's Easy To Have A Successful Event". A must read book for event planners. His articles on entertaining have appeared in "The International Brotherhood of Magician's" magazine, the "American Society of Magicians" magazine, the "Trap Door" magazine, and the Kidabra Journal. He's been featured on the South Carolina Educational Television network and was seen on a TV in Best Buy. But, the salesman ask him to get down before he broke something.

What Others Have Said

“You were awesome! The planning committee members and I received rave reviews on your presentation. Glenn, you are a meeting planner’s dream. You delivered and we looked good!”.
Patricia Gisinger, Manager, North Dakota Telephone Association

“Glenn had the audience laughing so hard they had to wipe their tears away. Glenn Strange is a very gifted entertainer and I can strongly recommend him to others.”
Ray J. McMinn, Chairman, Carolina Power & Light Company

“Our leadership team loved Glenn! We pull the leadership team together quarterly for training, and your program got the highest scores of everything we did last year. The break from training and being able to laugh and participate in your program was a welcomed diversion for the group.”
Peg Thornburg, RN, BSN, MA
Cleveland Regional Medical Center

“Glenn was GREAT! I have received a lot of feedback from our employees - many say he is the best we have ever had!”
Dawn Saturlet, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Manufacturing

“Our critique sheets are coming in and Glenn has been rated “Excellent” by our customers. Seldom have we had entertainment that went over as well as Glenn did. I commend him personally for such a clean, humorous show.”
Brenda Rodgers, Customer Relations/Rally Coordinator, Blue Bird Wanderlodge

“WOW! That about says it all! What a great performance Glenn Strange gave our Annual Summer Conference attendees. We were fortunate to have Glenn’s performance at our opening dinner program. Glenn’s professionalism and enthusiasm was felt throughout the rest of the weekend”.
Dianne McPherson, CMP, Director Major Events & Education, Printing Industry Association of Georgia, Inc.

“We could not have better comments about Glenn. He was a pleasure to work with. He did a wonderful job.”
Tim Hamrick, Alabama Pharmacy Cooperative, Inc.

“WOW! What a program!! Everyone is still raving about how great and funny your show was. This was the second time I had seen you perform and I laughed harder and longer. I was laughing so hard I was crying. We assigned you the “Warm-up” spot in a two part show---boy , did we ever make a mistake--you were the class act and the head liner.”
Ken Couch, RPh, Past President, South Carolina Pharmacy Association

“Everyone really enjoyed Glenn’s program. Many said it was the best one yet! Glenn made me look good!”
Lynda M. Assink, City of Ridgeland, MS

“It was a pleasure having Glenn kick off our 25th Annual MTA Showcast. All I heard throughout the remainder of our event was, ‘Glenn was Great! Good Choice! Glenn was so funny. How did he do that?’ Words I love to hear!”.
Angela Joki, Montana Telecommunications Association

“Our customers are still calling and telling me that they enjoyed both the comedy and the magic. The president of our company also commended the performance..... which always helps. We will definitely recommend you to others.”
Phil Hudgins, DeWitt Fertilizer Company

“Glenn was extremely funny and captivated the audience’s attention. Nothing could have been done to improve his presentation. It was excellent!!”
Lisa Association, Michigan Waste Industries Association

“Glenn was wonderful. He put on the best show. Audience participation was exceptional. I would highly recommend Glenn for any occasion. He had our audience falling out of their chairs with laughter!”
Karen Fowler, Convention Chairman, Georgia Transportation Association

"Glenn was easy to work with and delivered a show that kept the audience in stitches at his humor and in amazement at his illusionary talents.”
Randy Hooker, Delaware State Fair

“Glenn's combination of magic and comedy made our celebration a huge success. People are still talking about his “Mind Reading Kit.”
James Harlan, Engineering Manager, Eastman Kodak

“Everyone was asking the next morning, ‘How did he do that?’ and saying they laughed until it hurt.”
Richard Kahn, Vice President, Centerplate

“I can’t stop laughing! Glenn’s performance at our Service Award banquet was tremendous. After our event, I heard repeatedly from our award recipients how much they enjoyed Glenn’s show. He was a hit!”
Thyra Austin, HR Manager, Lamson & Session

“Glenn’s performance turned what would have been just a nice dinner into a memorable event for our company. Glenn kept us laughing for over an hour.”
Jane Arnold, Executive Vice President, Southern Concrete Material

“To say people have talked about Glenn since the convention is an understatement. His act was refreshingly original and one of the funniest we have had ever seen. He will long be remembered as one of top best performers to have graced Upstate Magic Fest.”
James Batten, New York Upstate Magic Fest

“I received many, many compliments on Glenn’s program. Everyone enjoyed it and talked about it during the rest of our convention.”
Kendall Parker, Executive Director

Some of Glenn's Clients
  • National Association of Credit Managers
  • National Environmental Health Association
  • National Electrical Contractor's Association
  • Justice Federal Credit Union
  • Great Plains Bankers Association
  • Southern Forest Products Association
  • West Virginia Veterinary Medical Association
  • Georgia Osteopathic Medical Association
  • South Carolina Medical Association
  • North Carolina Association of Health Plans
  • Thomasville Chamber of Commerce
  • Georgia Power
  • Bell South
  • Boomtown Casino
  • Carolina Panthers
  • Motorola
  • M & M Mars
  • Georgia Pacific
  • 3M Corp
  • Duracell Battery
  • Texas Instruments
  • BASF Corporation
  • Michelin Tire Corp
  • BMW
  • Digital Equipment
  • Quest Communications
  • Cryovac
  • Sealed Air Corporation
  • GE Capital
  • Insurers of Kingsport


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