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  South Dakota Based

The Surfin' Safari Band

"Oldies" & "Golden Oldies"

The Surfin’ Safari Band

Presenting authentic “Oldies” and “Golden Oldies” Music from the Golden Age of Rock and Roll, performed in the original style

Definitions (from Wikipedia):
Oldies is a generic term commonly used in the United States and Canada to describe a radio format that concentrates on Top 40 music from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Oldies are typically from R&B, pop and rock music genres. …

Golden Oldies…this term usually refers to music exclusively from the 1950s and early 1960s. Oldies radio typically features artists such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, The Supremes, and Sam Cooke; as well as such musical movements and genres as doo-wop, soul music, Motown, the British Invasion, early girl groups, surf music, and bubblegum pop.

The Surfin’ Safari Band is an exciting new group comprised of 5 experienced, talented, and versatile musicians who all share a passion for the ever popular Oldies and Golden Oldies music genres. The group is extraordinarily strong vocally.

The goal of this group is to present a different, exciting, and appealing entertainment experience…a significant change of pace that will appeal to audiences and customers over a broad range of ages; young, old, and in between.  This band exclusively performs the “Oldies” and “Golden Oldies”; that is, 50’s and 60’s music, DooWop, Surfin’ Music, Rockabilly, and more.

Importantly, there is big difference in this group. The Surfin’ Safari Band will deliver arrangements of the music that are true to the era in which it was originally recorded and performed. You’ll hear no “hopped up” or “heavy-metalized” versions of the oldies. But you will hear strong instrumentation, strong vocals, and strong vocal harmonies.

In addition to the dynamic vocals sung with instruments, they also sing a number of five-part a cappella vocal arrangements which are always a crowd pleaser.

The band has also has made a commitment to showmanship. This band is animated on stage, and is communicative with and acknowledges the audience. The band uses showy bits and short comedy banter. The music is the centerpiece, but presentation will not be overlooked.

The band looks good on stage with coordinated clothing. The band carries sound and lighting equipment appropriate to various venues from small rooms to outdoor performances.


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