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Texas Based

Ian Varella
Comedian & Ventriloquist

Ian Varella is one of the most popular ventriloquists in entertainment today. His performance combines comedy, variety and customized audience participation into one great package.

He has the rare skill to bring to life each of his wise-cracking characters. The mark of a true professional is the ability to perform under any circumstances, to give the best to and get the best from any audience. Ian has this ability.

Ian personalizes his comedy. Fill him in on the inside company jokes or personality quirks and watch everyone roll on the floor laughing as he gives a good-natured ribbing. You also get to choose one person who gets turned into a life-sized ventriloquist "dummy."  Everyone will love watching what happens during this special and hilarious part of the show.

Ian Varella has opened for many major acts such as:
  • The Oak Ridge Boys
  • The Statler  Brothers
  • Chubby Checker
  • The Bellamy Brothers
  • Bobby Vee.
His television credits include:
  • HBO
  • Showtime
  • The Nashville Network
  • "CBS Sunday Morning"
  • "Good Morning America"
When you need the best in comedy entertainment, this skilled entertainer and true professional will help ensure the success of your event.

A  great entertainment package is yours when you hire Ian Varella!
  • For  one low price you receive:  A  PERSONALIZED SHOW - Ian's fast-paced comedy and ventriloquism show gives a good-natured ribbing to the VIPs of your choice. You let us know the funny  anecdotes, strange habits and inside jokes of your employees,  management and staff and my friends and I will have the audience  rolling in the aisles with comedy that’s personally relatable! You  also get to choose the person who gets turned into a life-sized  ventriloquist dummy.  Everyone will love watching what happens during  this special and hilarious part of the show.
  • EXTENSIVE  EXPERIENCE - Earned from thousands of performances on international cruise ships, Las Vegas shows, corporate events and opening acts for the country’s  biggest stars. Ian Varella has also appeared on HBO, Showtime and  the Nashville Network.
Ian Varella is one of the most popular performers in  entertainment today. His performance combines comedy, variety and  audience participation into one great entertainment package.
Ian has the rare skill to bring each of his wise-cracking characters  to life. Ian has the mark of a professional allowing him to perform  under any circumstance and give the best as well as get the best from any audience.
You need Ian Varella for the best in comedy entertainment.  This skilled entertainer will ensure the success of your event.  Make sure to inquire early for Ian’s availabilities.

“The  funniest entertainer we’ve ever had.”
- Cypress Semiconductors

“You  were definitely a hit!”
- Century Companies

“You  provided an up-beat, fun show with no bad language or off-colored  jokes.”
- Supervalu Foods

“Your  show as extremely well-received by everyone.”
- 3M Corporation

“The  only comedian to get two standing ovations.”
- Ford Motor Company

 HBO, Showtime, Good Morning America, CBS Sunday Morning, Statler Brothers Show, Penn&Tellers Sin City Spectacular, The Donny and  Marie Show, B.J. Thomas, Highway 101, Chubby Checker, Randy Travis, Sawyer Brown, Oak Ridge Boys, Crystal Gayle, Charlie Daniels, Bellamy Brothers

 Whirlpool, Intel, Compaq, Nokia, Gateway 2000, 3M, Honeywell, Amway, Coors, Burger King, Anderson Windows, General Motors, Ford, Norwest Banks, Arthur Anderson, Sysco, Land O’ Lakes, Pepsi, Raytheon, Tru-Valu Hardware, Exxon, Dell Computers, EDS

 Carnival, Chandris Fantasy, Norwegian, Holland American, Royal  Olympic, Regency, Princess, Renaissance, Premier and Admiral

Inspiration comes in many forms. For Ian Varella, it as a young ventriloquist he saw while attending school. Witnessing the wonders of  this art form had a profound effect on Ian. The next day he began devouring books on the subject at his local library. The desire to become  an entertainer was instantaneous and probably had something to do with his background.

Ian's mother, Jane, has been a professional musician most of her  life.  Appearing with top flight bands around the country and being  featured on national television gave her a great deal of experience, which  Ian has learned from.

Ian worked his way up the hard way, preferring not to use his mothers influence.  Starting with shows for his classmates, Ian began  performing at libraries around his home town of Dayton, Ohio.  These  shows quickly led to paid performances with repeat  engagements. 

After graduating from high school, Ian won a grant to study at the prestigious  Berkshire Center for the Performing Arts in Massachusetts.  During  his two-month sojourn, Ian studied all aspects of theater including voice  and acting.  In 1980, Ian began attending Wright State University  working toward a bachelors degree in communications and public  relations.  To finance his education, he performed shows in the  evenings and weekends.  During summer breaks he made appearances at fairs, festivals and  theme parks throughout the United States.   In four summers he performed over 3000 shows at Cedar Point, Kings Island  and Valley Fair Amusement parks.

For over a decade Ian Varella has entertained some of America's top  Fortune 500 companies.  He has recently completed engagements at  several of the top show rooms in Las Vegas.  He has toured the world  numerous times aboard NCL, Holland America, Princess and Renaissance  Cruise Lines.

His opening acts credits read like a "Who's Who" in country  music.  Ian has shared the stage with the Statler Brothers, Crystal  Gayle, Aaron Tippon, Randy Travis, Marty Stuart, and George Straight just  to name a few.  His television credits include HBO, Showtime, TNN and  Fox Networks.