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Jerry Walker

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"The individual differences in us, our likes, dislikes, and character traits, are evident as early as infancy."

Excerpt from, Be Known for Your D.E.E.D.S. by JDWalker

How do we turn individuals, who from birth are unique, into contributing members of cohesive teams?

  • As a member of a team contributing to the mapping of Lechugilla Cave in Carlsbad, New Mexico, JD has camped 900 feet underground.
  • As part of a four-person Scuba dive, JD went to a depth of 215 feet.
  • As part of a three-ministry outreach in Guatemala City, JD served in a medical clinic, as a Crusade prayer partner, and as a Street Evangelist.

These were great adventures!  Functioning independently from any of these teams would have been foolish, and even dangerous, because individual success was secondary to the success of the team.  It is the same for your business or organization.

Whether as Keynote, Breakout Speaker, Emcee, or Workshop Facilitator, JD delivers Custom Programming with enthusiasm and a genuine love for people, in order to produce a collaborative success with his Clients.

Businesses, organizations, teams, and individuals CAN be better than they have been and CAN do more than they have done!  This is the message conveyed in JD's book, Be Known for Your DEEDS.

JD has enjoyed real life adventures as a Caver, Camper, Water Skier, Scuba Diver, Traveler, and Parent.  His adventures in the corporate arena include working in Law Firms, as a Business Owner, in Sales, and as a Corporate VP.  He is well equipped to teach the great truth that we best build ourselves when building others.

Traveling from Atlanta, Author and Speaker, Jerry Walker (or JD) is within an easy commute to anywhere in the U.S., and just a short hop to most points on this side of the globe. His first two books are available on Amazon.com as well as BarnesandNoble.com; they are Embrace: Meditations from A Word of Truth and Be Known for Your DEEDS. His next two projects, Jonny Pleasant (a novel), and DEEDS in Action, are due out in 2016.



You CAN be better than you have been, and you CAN do more than you have done in life, and in business!

JDWalker wrote, Be Known for Your DEEDS as a call to individuals to discover their passion in life, and to make living it a life priority. This very personal approach to excellence and achievement has been adapted by JD to equip and encourage a higher level of accountability and professionalism.

DEEDS gets to the core identity of The Individual in order to empower The Team and ultimately The Organization.


Public Speaking is now hailed (or is that dreaded??) as the second most feared activity . . . right behind death!  Regarding this fear, Jerry Seinfeld famously quipped, "So it's better to be the one in the coffin than the one doing the eulogy...."  The fact is some of us would rather die than speak in public!

Cue JDWalker, The Fearless Speaker. Public speaking is his drug of choice!  Any audience of any size, in any venue at any time is the way he rolls, and he can help you be fearless as well.  Through a series of audience-active exercises, his VAMP program, and even his alter ego, Tony Giovialli, JD's Fearless Speaker Workshop helps even the most panic-stricken to become bolder with a little panache for good measure!

Call today and discover the key to confidence in your life: Public Speaking. Call today and become Fearless!


Every workforce will have ups and downs, and every individual will waiver in overall job satisfaction. When we view what we do on a larger scale, with eyes of gratitude, our world begins to change for the better!

A Certified Move Consultant (CMC), Jerry 'JD' Walker worked for the largest Household Goods Moving Company in Georgia as its Vice President of Business Development.  "There are no short days in the Moving business," proved to be true. Long hours, hard work, dedication, and finding satisfaction in simple successes defined his tenure.

Moving is a difficult industry, but so is any endeavor which absolutely requires your best every day, and often times more. The lessons JD was able to apply will have a lasting impact on your sales team, admin staff, or C-Suite execs. They are adaptable to any industry and redefine the meaning of job satisfaction. 


It is no surprise that an ability to impact your audience with thoughtfully selected material and a targeted presentations will boost your bottom line.

Using the VAMP protocol JD developed for greater speaking success, he is able to elevate the presentation strategies of sales teams; to enhance their presenting skills; and show them how to increase their bottom line and market share.

For the C-Suite Exec who loves the stage but needs to polish their act, salespeople who are dynamic one-on-one, but shrink from 'larger' opportunities, and all other professionals who often find themselves in front of an audience, this training is for you!

Whether in a keynote presentation or a half-day workshop, JD leads a breakthrough program focusing on Venue, Audience, Material, and Preparation (VAMP).

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