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Nevada Based

Jennifer Webb

Consultant - Motivational Speaker - Trainer - Coach

Jennifer Webb is an internationally-recognized motivational speaker, author, trainer and consultant, one of a prestigious group of women using magic as a technique to inspire, motivate and educate. She combines a high-energy, interactive format with innovative information and stories of personal challenges (cancer survivor, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to get over her fear of height) to energize audiences worldwide.

 Author of three books on reaching potential, she is founder and president of Magic Communications, a 20-year-old company designed to teach people how to see their choices, in order to create specific results. Jennifer is certified in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and trained in other disciplines such as NonViolent Communication and Myers-Briggs.

 She has worked as a journalist, interviewing such notables as Orson Welles, Muhammad Ali and Ted Kennedy, while working on various publications. She gained extensive television experience starring in cross-country television promotional tours and worked for several years on CBS Morning News, Reno affiliate, as a Personal Power Coach. With a strong vision of personal empowerment, she entertains and educates participants, leaving them with information they can use immediately.

Jennifer Teaches How to:
  • Influence others
  • Create a Success Mentality
  • Provide Exceptional Customer Service
  • Improve Employee Morale
  • Empower People to Surpass Expectations
  • Deal with Difficult People (without stress)
  • Communicate to Get Results


Jennifer Webb is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, author and trainer, one of a prestigious group of women using  magic as a technique to inspire, motivate and educate. She combines a high-energy, interactive format with innovative information and personal challenges (climbing  Mt. Kilimanjaro to get over her fear of height) to energize audiences worldwide.

With a strong vision of personal empowerment she entertains and educates participants, leaving them with a set of practical tools they can utilize immediately.

  • Monster Lies: A Woman's Guide to Controlling Her Destiny
  • The FIDO Philosophy (for Forget It, and Drive On)
  • Success is a Team Effort

She is founder and president of Magic Communications, a 20-year-old company designed to teach people how to deal with frustrations and create results.

Teaching people the magic of changing beliefs to get results.


  • Creating Real Magic:  The Attitude that Sells
  • Slaying the Monster:  How to Stay Motivated in a Changing World
  • Action Heroes: How to be a HERO to Every Customer
  • How to Deal with Difficult People and Keep on Smiling
  • Speaking Brilliantly Without Fear
  • The Magic of Kilimanjaro:  Wisdom from the Mountain
  • Monster Lies:  A Woman's Guide to Controlling Her Destiny 
  • Beating the Odds:  Hopeful at 30, Confident at 40, Powerful at 50 -  and that's Just the Beginning

         American Airlines
         American Heart Association
         American Cancer Society
         American Management Association
         Bristol Myers
         Blessing White
         Blue Cross Blue Shield
         Chemical Bank
         Cornell University
         Cushman & Wakefield
         Deloitte & Touche
         Dun & Bradstreet
         Goldman Sachs
         Grolier Publishing
         Harper Collins
         Honeywell Space Systems
         Lucent Technologies
         Marriott Hotels
         Meredith Publishing
         New York State and New York City
         Nugget Casino
         Perry Ellis
         Pitney Bowes
         Port Authority New York/New Jersey
         Proctor & Gamble
         Sherwin Williams
         U.S.Post Office
         Ulrich Steel
         World Bank

Exciting Corporate Seminars

The following are seminars available for presentation to your business in either keynote or seminar format:

How to be a HERO to Every Customer
Teaching the fine art of being memorable and exceptional 24/7: This seminar teaches what it takes to go beyond good customer service, focusing on what every organization must do to keep customers coming back.

Thriving on Stress and Knowing When to Let Go
By analyzing when and where the stress occurs we begin to create formulas to counteract the inevitable stress, and choose where we can reduce or eliminate the stress, i.e. handling anger, dealing with things that can't be changed, criticism, time constraints, work and financial pressures, lack of control, lack of recognition, and dealing with the multiple frustrations of handling change. Learn short and long-term techniques to immediately reduce your stress level.

How to Deal with Difficult People and Keep on Smiling
This seminar focuses on  conflict resolution, understanding that every "difficult" person has a need to be met, and by identifying and meeting those particular needs through a variety of techniques including empathy, paraphrasing, helping the individual save face, withdrawing personal involvement and  FIDO (Forget It,   Drive On!)

Stepping Up to Leadership:  An Administrative Assistant’s Role in Business Dynamics
Geared toward administrative professionals, this program focuses on taking more responsibility, communicating effectively, partnering with the boss and balancing multiple tasks.

How to Speak Brilliantly without Fear
Techniques to Alleviate Anxiety, Create Confidence and Charisma and Hold Any Size Audience Learn techniques to instantly alleviate anxiety, create more confidence, grab and hold any audience immediately, keep from forgetting key points, make technical material interesting and run highly efficient and effective meetings.
ducating Through Magic

People learn up to 40% more when they see and hear something simultaneously, and when that something ties the topic into a visual such as magic, it helps participants have fun while they're learning!

Here's how it works:
In Dallas a customer service representative at American Airlines stands beside an easel and is photographed pointing to a blank sheet of paper. A card is then selected randomly, and appears magically in the photograph on the previously blank sheet. The message here is about visualization, how essential it is to focus on what we want and see it like we've already got it. The photograph analogy is an easy way to get the point across, and apply it to the process of performance goal setting.
Jennifer uses magic as a powerful learning tool and an exciting, interactive method to help motivate people to action. As a skilled close-up magician she created special magic for Procter & Gamble (cross country television tour) and Revlon. She uses her expertise in prestidigitation to help participants "see" the point more clearly, enhancing the message and enabling participants to have a memorable time in the process. Specific magic can also be taught to the entire group to get a special message across.
Magic is all about perception, what we think is going on (much like our perception at work, which is often very different from someone else’s reality).
Here’s a simple magic trick you can perform at work that looks very impressive:
Prop your left elbow on a table, and put your left hand on the back of your neck. With your right hand hold a penny, saying you’re going to put the penny through the fleshy part of your arm (between wrist and elbow) and try to rub it into your arm. After a few seconds let the penny drop, using your own dialogue as to why the effect didn’t work and then (VERY IMPORTANT. . . USING YOUR LEFT HAND ONLY), pick up the penny, transfer it to your right hand, and do the procedure again. After doing this two or three times you are now ready for the magic. This time when you pick up the penny with you left hand, only pretend to transfer it to your right, and instead put it on the back of your neck where you place your hand each time. Pretend to rub the penny into your arm and this time, voila, a miracle has occurred and it’s gone!

Magic Teambuilding

Team members get the opportunity to create a magic show based around different solutions to current work challenges. Each of the team's shows must be creative, include real magic (taught by Jennifer) and offer insights into current work issues. Fun and energizing, it also enables team members to integrate left brain logic with right brain creativity to be more whole brain thinkers.

Here's how it works: Teams are given the opportunity to select self-working magic effects that Jennifer then teaches participants to perform as part of their show. Because she offers a variety of magic props to choose from, each team will have its own original show. Great fun, this novel approach to creating rapport and building team spirit is a hit for any group who wants to incorporate team building techniques with something innovative, unique and highly interactive.


What Does It Take to Really Inspire People to Action?
Read on….. Ask yourself:
Will they remember the speaker for the rest of their lives?
Will they really retain the information in such a way that it can be utilized on a day-to-day basis?
According to many, many testimonials, when it's motivational speaker/magician Jennifer Webb, the answer is yes!
Here’s what people are saying:
"Thank you for the up-lifting, inspiring and entertaining presentations you made. On a rating scale from 0 to 5 (5 being fantastic) the overwhelming majority of responses rated your presentation as a 5!" - Robert Walton, CalPERS
 "Outstanding...the single word that best sums up the two motivational presentations you made to our team members. You could just watch the change come over the audience. The body language softened. They sat up in their chairs. They were listening closely to what was being said." - R.A. Heaps, Sherwin Williams
 "Awesome lady, very positive, lots of courage and strength." - Katherine Pendergast, ASTD
"There are not enough words to describe how you have impacted my life and outlook on life."  - Madeline, with the Port Authority of New York, New Jersey
"You are very talented, have a great story but above all you are able to integrate basic business and people skills with magic. We all came away with a different approach to some of the same old theories on communication."  - Dr. Betsy Clark, Ladies Professional Golf Association
"Your graciousness, professionalism and dynamic personality are truly over the top!" - Kristy Hawke, Nevada Women's Expo
"Thank you again for such an outstanding job, adding magic to our lives was appreciated by all who were able to attend." - Linda Pes, National Association of Women Business Owners
"You have the ability to relay realistic and useful strategies for dealing with life in a dynamic manner. I have heard nothing but rave reviews.";  - Linda Williams, Montana State University
"I think the best indication of how well received you were was that everyone was saying 'FIDO' about one thing or another throughout the entire convention." - Ruth Schnabel, Calfest, The Professional Festivals & Events Association of California and Nevada
"Just wanted to pass on to you that I've heard so many great comments about your sessions. Better than any other presentation we've had since I've been here (14 years)." - Judy Berry, City of Edmond, OK
"Thank you again for a terrific presentation. The material you presented was very poignant and delivered in a very upbeat and accessible manner. Your personal accounts were very powerful and made your message ring true." - Paul Angerame, Forest Electric Corporation
"Your seminar helped me realize that I needed to take control and make a change. You gave me the confidence to make that change." - Terri Voorheis
"You are a source of inspiration. I wish this class could go on forever." - Jewrel, with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersery
"The feedback on your presentation was superb. Your message and delivery were perfect for our franchisees...they were impressed with your message." - Jim Rogers, KOA
"The presentation was much more than I had ever hoped for...everyone in attendance was impressed and motivated. As a result our company has jump-started our year. The combination of information and group interaction was outstanding."  - R.A. Cavagnaro, Silverado Broadcasting

"Just a short note to tell you what a success your presentation was at our recent managers’ meeting. Your concepts and delivery of the theme of our meeting (teamwork) was both entertaining and thought provoking. The word from all those in attendance was ‘great idea!’ ‘Never had anything like that at our meetings.’ ‘Who was that woman?’ Needless to say, your performance was a success with MCS. We thank you for taking our theme and working it into such an eye catching, motivational message." - Fran Murgola, MCS Canon

"You are the best training consultant I have ever hired for Pricewaterhouse Coopers. You are a most magnetic trainer who truly knows how to keep the audience in the palm of your hand…plus with your unique inclusion of ‘magic’ during each session, the participants can’t help but be amazed by your dynamics." - Richard T. Roberts, Pricewaterhouse Coopers

"I have been working for 28 years and would not hesitate to say that this seminar was the best seminar I have ever attended." - Frank Chiarello, The Hartford

 "Everyone who attended was inspired by the things you had to say. Your charisma and ‘stage presence’ held every person’s attention. Your use of magic and humor illustrated each key point in such a manner that every person retained a large amount of the message…The message itself was filled with more good advice pertaining to the art of successful selling than any other speaker has brought before us in my 7 1/2 years at Color-Art." - Martin Vainder, Color-Art, Inc.



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