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The Weisenheimers
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Who ARE the Weisenheimers?
It's a question often asked of us as we travel the central United States bringing our comedy to the masses. It isn't phrased as "Who are the Weisenheimers" like you would ask "Where are my keys, or "Have you seen my goiter?" It is instead often put like this, "Who ARE the Weisenheimers?" The accent clearly on the word "ARE," as if you were inquiring as to the existential nature of our very being. Volumes have been written to answer that question. Great minds throughout modern history, from Freud all the way to Carrot Top, have posed theories as to who we, the Weisenheimers, "are."

Please allow me the latitude to answer that question with a question. "Who aren't the Weisenheimers?" Are we not a mobile comedy troupe? Are we not sardonic minstrels forming a running commentary on pop culture? Are we not the Village People re-imagined as a 'Stomp' meets a Spaulding Gray monologue? Are we not men? Are we DEVO?

No, my friend, we are all of these things. And we are none of them. For we don't make the comedy, we make the comedy FUNNIER.

Actually, the Weisenheimers are America's Favorite Improv Group. How is something like that equated? Well it's simply done like this: Check the Internet to see if any other improv troupes are calling themselves "America's Favorite." If none of them are then put it all over your promotional material. There you go!

The Weisenheimers have been described as Who's Line is it Anyway? meets Saturday Night Live with a dash of Mad TV, sprinkled liberally with The StateGroundlings and Second City.  Baked oat 350° for 90 minutes then served open face on a kaiser with a side of au jous. then seasoned with the

The spiritual center of the group, Matt is an artist, musician, and all-round renaissance man. When he's not performing with the Weisen's he's working with his brother in the band First Water or with his theater group, the Living Picture Project. Matt uses all these excuses to keep from going back to his crappy job at the Franklin Covey planner store at the mall. Matt's personal credo it: "Slim down now! I'll show you how!" Matt would rather make the Weisenheimers his full time job.

Jen is the soul of the group. After fighting a lifelong battle with terminal cuteness and natural comic timing she succumbed to a life on the stage. Jen has decided to turn her respectable theater degree into a career in alternative news weekly sales. Jen loves dogs for their loyalty and babies for their taste. She is the Earth Mother of the group and is searching for her soul mate. She's already checked in Vegas and he wasn't there. Jen would rather make the Weisenheimers her full time job.

Monty is the digestive tract of the group. Not much is known about Monty. We know that he had a problem with dyslexia, but despite that he works as an advertising copy writer and production assistant. Monty was hired to be in the group under the assumption that he was a sassy black woman, as his resume inferred. He claims that this was a typo. Monty enjoys touching and being touched inappropriately. Monty would rather make the Weisenheimers his full time job.

Marv is the left foot of the group, in so far as all of his comedy is articulated through his left foot. Marv was going to call his biography "My Left Foot" but some handicapped guy beat him to it. Marv works on a moderately successful midday talk show as producer and co-host. Marv really preferred the short time he had a morning show with Monty, but some corporate shit hit the fan. You know the drill. Regardless, Marv would like to make the Weisenheimers his full time job.
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