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Florida Based

Shelburn Wilkes

Parade of Presidents

Makes the Presidents come alive...even those who are not yet dead! This is one of the most unique and fun programs you will find anywhere. Most people can identify with the presidents in general or with one particular president. They enjoy hearing and learning about those individuals who became our nation’s chief executives and who played major roles in shaping our heritage as a country.

Shelburn Wilkes shares comical tidbits about the presidents, first ladies, vice presidents — even their homes, cars, pets, etc., with a perfect blend of respect and irreverence. Using a great deal of visual material, he adapts his presentation to each group by focusing on appropriate presidential themes such as pets, religious heritage, health, sports, music, transportation, education and so on. Wilkes presents “Parade of Presidents” to more than 100 groups annually.

His most popular presentations are:

“Parade of Presidents” — The story of the presidents with a tailored accent on your organization’s area of emphasis.

“All About the Vice” — The Vice Presidents of the United States — perhaps the most hilarious program of all.

“All in the First Family” — Particularly popular for women’s organizations.

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