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Fee: $6000/exp

Tennessee Based

Mike Williams

Comedian or Entertainer with a Message

Sure we could put you through pages  and pages of hype about Mike G. Williams. Most of it you wouldn’t even believe it. Let’s keep this simple! Shall we make it a numbered list? Yes... or you can skip ahead and watch the videos. It really is your call. You have all the power here...

#10 Mike Williams is by far the most booked and re-booked comedian fundraising speaker in the entire country. If you need to raise money, and want people to have a great time giving it, Mike is your man.

#9 He has been making people laugh and learn for seventeen years and has built a reputation for being easy to work with and delivering quality events. Check out his references!

#8 As a Comedian he has personally recorded 13 CD’s, 4 DVD’s, and is the Comedic Host of the New Comedy series “The Comedy Bus!” Available anywhere clean comedy DVD’s are sold. He can draw a good crowd.

#7 As an Author he has written 5 books. His latest book is entitled Men Moved To Mars When Women Started Killing The Ones On Venus. Thousands have enjoyed his Turkey Soup For The Sarcastic Soul book series.

#6 Mike is heard every day on XM Satellite radio channel 151 and often heard on the Family Comedy Minute which is broadcast on over 600 radio stations every day.

#5 Did you know that Mike also hosts a podcast? You do now. Every week you can join a few hundred thousand others and listen to Mike interview the best of the best in clean comedians from around the world. This podcast can be downloaded free from I-tunes or by going to www.christiancomedypodcast.com and signing up.

#4 Yes Mike is the guy you saw at Focus on the Family Conferences, Alive Festival, Creation Festival, K-LOVE Friends & Family Cruises, Youth Specialties, Dynamic Communicator Workshop... Did we drop enough names yet?

#3 Mike is fully equipped to speak at numerous types of events. He speaks to public high school assemblies, and youth groups. He has hosted at numerous major music festivals around the country. He is a frequent speaker at Mens Conferences (he will be at Southeast Christian Center in Louisville, KY this year for their big one). He also speaks at Wild game dinners and sports chapels. The fact that he is sponsored by the BowTech Archery is a real perk to the men listening. And be nice, Mike can hit you with an arrow at 200 yards! Mike has spoken at a few Women’s Conferences too. We are not saying that he fit in well there though.

#2 Mike is a powerful communicator who can do more than bring the laughter, he can draw the net. If you are looking for an evangelical event you have come to the right place. Mike has a powerful infectious testimony. Please take time to read it.

#1 The number 1 reason people book Mike is results. You are going to get glowing reports. Your people will thank you for bringing this guy in. It is going to be a win-win situation for you personally. You can have an event without fear.


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