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At Wynn Solutions, we’ll help you make that jump from being really good at what you do to being consistently chosen to do it.

We believe that long-term business success requires more than just talent. It requires strong, enduring business relationships and the ability to successfully manage client and employee expectations.

Achieving your goals requires a special blend of talent, ambition and—above all—the ability to promote yourself to the decision makers who matter.

Through customized services, including guest speakers and employee training programs we provide individuals and organizations with the tools they need to create and sustain successful business relationships.

As Garrison Wynn says, "If the world agreed on what's best, everybody would choose the best and nothing else would be considered. Decision making doesn't work that way." Garrison helps people understand the difference between being great at what they do and being consistently chosen to do it. His unforgettable keynotes are packed with practical insights based on years of intensive research into what really sets top performers apart.


Garrison has presented to some of the world's most effective leaders, educators, and business developers, from multibillion-dollar manufacturers and national associations to top New York Stock Exchange wire houses. He has a background in manufacturing, telecomm, and financial services and toured as a professional stand-up comedian. In his teens, Garrison worked with Magnavox and baseball legend Hank Aaron to promote the world's first video gaming system, and by age 27 he became the youngest department head in a Fortune 500 company's history. He researched and designed processes for 38 locations nationwide and developed and marketed products still being sold in 30 countries. He is the author of the book The REAL Truth About Success, contributes weekly to The Washington Post, and has coauthored with Stephen Covey. His books, articles, and award-winning success tools receive high praise, but his greatest strength is a magnetic live performance that keeps him in high demand, with more than 600 inquiries and 100 speaking dates per year.


Garrison delivers powerful, original content built on breakthrough research customized for your organization. His diverse background - from ditch digging (we're not kidding!) to executive leadership, with sales, marketing, safety, manufacturing, and show biz in between - means that no industry or work experience is beyond Garrison's reach: He can engage the CEO and janitor in the same audience with a consistent, relevant message.


Garrison delivers research-based success and motivational tools your group can apply immediately to boost personal influence. Armed with years of experience as a professional comedian and speaking at thousands of conventions over the years, he is a high-impact presenter whose motivational programs answer two big questions: How do you get people to do what you want them to do, and how do you get them to see the value of what you offer?

Garrison's top-selling book, published by McGraw-Hill and available in bookstores worldwide (including a new edition in Chinese), blends a decade of research and Garrison's candid, laugh-out-loud delivery to finally spill The REAL Truth About Success. Refreshingly honest about what it takes to get to the top, this book helps boost your rate of success using resources you already have and without reinventing yourself.


Keynotes and breakout sessions are 45 minutes to 1.5 hours
Programs are also available in half- and full-day versions.

Making the Most of Difficult Situations
Changing Markets, Changing Times

This funny, insightful keynote combines relationship building with no-fluff motivation and change to deliver real solutions in uncertain times. Professional keynote speaker and business relationship expert, Garrison Wynn, examines the challenges we face and shows how we can laugh at our problems while using them as catalysts for success. This session covers a lot of ground and provides no-cost, easily implemented, proven solutions that your people can use right away.

Available in Motivational, Sales and Management versions

The Truth about Success TM
Being the Best vs. Being Consistently Chosen

Success is more than being good at what you do; it's about being consistently chosen to do it. Garrison helps people to understand why their products, services, or leadership styles-or those of their competitors-are selected. People don't necessarily choose what's best; they choose what they are most comfortable with, whether it's the best or not. We've all heard the importance of "best practices" and superior knowledge, so why aren't the smartest people with the most information always in charge or number one in their field? This keynote provides original research on managing expectations and emotions and shows that there really is more to success than being the best.

Available in Sales, Leadership and Customer Service versions

Getting Great Results
Turning Talent Into Performance

In this keynote, results from the largest management survey ever conducted are combined with real-life management and leadership solutions to get the most from your people, regardless of their skill level. Participants learn to manage their ego-driven top producers, how to listen like leaders and make their people feel heard, how to hire for talent and turn it into top performance, how to create a culture of excellence with their most promising people, and how to help their low performers to fight their way to the middle.

Available in Leadership and Management versions

Generations Working Better Together

This extremely informative, entertaining, solutions-based session explores why younger and older people don't see eye to eye and what to do about it in the workplace. From pointers on motivating, managing and retaining younger employees to ways of preventing older managers from losing their minds, this research-based program shows it's possible for baby boomers and Gen X and Y employees to work well together.

How Social Media Actually Makes Money!

Being influential in Social Media means leveraging traditional networking tactics within the new cultures of: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This means you can influence thousands of people, but also each of their 150 friends. But, the big question is "Can this really make me money and can you prove it?"  In this highly informative and entertaining program, Garrison Wynn shows how you can accelerate word-of-mouth marketing into revenue like never before, activate old offline networks and create new ones; partner with powerful online influencers in your market; and track your results at the speed of light.



Available as breakout sessions, 1/2 day and keynote versions

The Real Truth about Success
What the Top 1% Do Differently and Why They Won't Tell You

A decade of Wynn Solutions research reveals what makes owners and managers of top-performing businesses so effective - and it's not what you'd expect! If you enter this keynote session expecting to learn all about best practices and superior products, you'd better read the title again.

Standout success in a difficult economy often comes from personal advantage - whether it's cosmetic, leadership communication, personality, resources or access to privileged information. Top performers rarely acknowledge this because it tends to make their success sound less impressive or undeserved.

Prepare to laugh and learn as Garrison leads program segments that include:

Lies about success - and why we believe them
From interview to confession: The research
Why would anybody want to be in a fair fight?
Create your own advantage in leadership and business development
The truth about successTM
Being the best vs. being consistently chosen
Action and adaptability create opportunity
Establish a repeatable process for success

How to Win an Unfair fight
Influencing People You No Authority Over

A great idea is rarely good enough. Sound, well-structured logic regularly loses out to mediocre ideas from people who really know how to influence. This enlightening, research-based session delves into the human condition, revealing that the true key to influence is not intelligence or logic but an understanding of what people really value. Through a collaborative toolkit, this program delivers the tips and strategies you need to make people see the value of your ideas so you're well positioned to gain agreement.

Program segments include:

Gaining an understanding of what people really value and how that impacts agreement
Developing strategic advocates and create your own personal "influence upward " plan
How to get people to agree with you
Why some people disagree with everything and what you can do about it
Hw to get people to listen to your ideas
Managing your boss: How to help your supervisor make your job easier
How to gain more influence from any position in your organization
Reading between the lines: Learning how to adjust your approach
How to hold people more accountable on projects without conflict
How to make sure your input is seen as consistently valuable to others
Creating a repeatable process for agreement: Making the tools work well

What the Most Influential Educators Have in Common
Beyond Knowledge

Give students knowledge and they'll pass the exam, the course, the grade ... but teach them to think and you've equipped them with a powerful tool to carry them through life. The best educators share one strong belief: We don't want to just transfer our ideas onto students; we want to enable them to generate their own ideas and solutions. This entertaining, insightful research-based keynote examines the need to strike that tricky balance between teaching so students make the grade and teaching so they make it in life. Faculty and administrators must be on the same page regarding what that balance looks like and how it fits into the organization's mission. To get there, they'll need the kind of influence it takes to get buy-in from busy peers, as well as the attention of time-pressed, socially stressed students.

Making the Most of Difficult Situations
Changes and Challenges

Sometimes your most headstrong students possess the greatest talent. Sometimes the most demanding organizations to work with provide your greatest source of funding. And sometimes your most difficult colleagues are the least relevant in the classroom but the most significant in academia.

Changes and challenges abound in education today. To survive them, faculty and administrators need influence and unity more than anything else. Without these, you'll struggle to navigate through difficult situations without compromising the extraordinary education you deliver to students.

With characteristic wit, research and keen insight, Garrison Wynn explains how top educators build their influence so they can create and maintain unity in challenging times. He also offers practical pointers for dealing with the difficult personalities educators must contend with. Wynn's understanding of how to be influential, especially in tough times, helps your organization move past fractious people and problems to retain unity and focus.

Attract, Manage, Motivate and Keep Younger Workers

Some employers struggle to attract talented workers under age 30, and still more find it challenging to get these Generation Y employees to achieve its best. Then, just when managers stumble upon methods that seem to motivate, they leave for more attentive management elsewhere. Wynn Solution's new, research-based program reveals what type of business image and work environment will entice the best young workers, which modern management techniques will keep them motivated, and which incentives will keep them from defecting.


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