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Mark Zinder

Entertaining Serious Ideas

Mark Zinder synthesizes ideas and energizes audiences with his trademark rapid-fire, fun-filled presentations.
His unique style and knowledge of market history have made Mark Zinder one of the most sought after speakers in the industry. Mark has spoken to more than 100,000 people in lecture halls and corporate classrooms around the world, from Cape Town, South Africa, to Bangkok, Thailand, and in locations all across the US.

Mark Zinder is a seasoned financial professional and keynote speaker with a unique gift for making the complicated clear as he examines the trends and ideas actively reshaping business today. His insights on practice management and macroeconomics clarify investor needs and help establish you as the “adviser of choice.”
Mark came to the financial industry more than twenty-eight years ago. He began his career as an investment adviser with Dean Witter. Supported by his strength and experience in communications, he quickly gained acclaim for his public seminars and became recognized by the wholesale community as a powerful and entertaining speaker.
By 1993, Mark was a new hire at Franklin Templeton Investments, and it wasn’t long before his speaking skills caught the attention of management. They named him Senior Vice President and National Spokesman. His job was to sit down with Sir John Templeton, Dr. Mark Mobius, and Michael Price, listen to their stories, and then travel the world speaking on their behalf.
It was a golden opportunity that gave Mark the privilege to become Sir John Templeton’s spokesman, an experience Mark credits with developing his understanding of the financial markets and the perspectives of investors. In 2004, Mark started his own firm, Mark Zinder and Associates.
For more than fifteen years Mark has traveled the country and the world as a speaker, trainer, writer, and coach to investor advisers and wholesalers for major investment firms. His unique style instantly brings audiences to attention, and his memorable stories help them understand and retain valuable lessons about market history, investor behavior, and financial trends.

What Happens Next?

In September of 2010 the United States Government declared the “Great Recession” officially over. This recession, the 13th since the great depression, was by far the most dramatic we’ve seen in our lifetime.

We have now entered into a seemingly fragile recovery period. Although our national economy is officially growing many individuals feel less optimistic than they did three years ago. Unemployment remains high with jobs hard to come by. We’ve lost value in our homes that will take years to recover. It seems daily that our headlines remind us of our spiraling national debt and bankrupt government agencies.

So with all this uncertainty many are asking, what happens next? In this high energy presentation, Mark Zinder will explain how uncertainty brings opportunity. Although dramatic, this downturn was not dissimilar to recessions of the past. Mark will show how history does indeed repeat itself, and how past downturns have been followed by periods of unprecedented growth and innovation.

In this presentation you will learn:

How the actions the government took to pull us out of this recession will affect us moving forward
How the “Gen Y” generation will contribute greatly to our economic expansion in the coming years
That the next wave is living longer and will be saving sooner
That to achieve success moving forward, the business model of yesterday needs to be altered
Practice Management

Righting Your Book: Doing Business the Way Your Clients Want Business Done

The business of financial advice has changed continually over the last 30 years. When Mark passed his Series 7, the business cards read “stock broker.” Then came the titles “investment advisor” and “financial planner.”  Today we are expected to be comprehensive wealth managers. But this isn’t just a name change on a business card; it’s a fundamental change in the way we run our business and market our services.  Now that the recent financial crisis has created even more dramatic change in our market, more than ever we need to ask ourselves, “What changes am I making to change with it?”

Consider this: the average investor today does business with six to eight different financial professionals: he has a banker, a mortgage broker, a life insurance agent, and three or four different financial advisers. When he retires, he goes from working with six to eight, to one or two.

As the front edge of the baby boomers start to retire this year, the question is: will you be the adviser that the money is being transferred to—or one of those it will be transferred from?

This presentation is designed to teach you how to become the former.

Areas covered include:

  • Doing business the way your clients want business done
  • Building a business, not just a “book”
  • Refining a plan to get your clients’ financial house in order
  • How to work more efficiently to maximize your day
  • The 6 Common Traits of the Most Successful Financial Advisors
The 6 Common Traits of the Most Successful Financial Advisors

For over six years Mark Zinder was employed as the national spokesman for one of the most respected money managers in the world, Sir John Templeton. During this time Mark would be asked to speak on behalf of the Franklin Templeton funds at locations around the world. Quite often, these trips were designed to reward some of the top producers in the financial industry. After his speech, Mark would often speak individually and continue to correspond with these high level producers. The most often discussed topic was, “Out of all the financial advisors in the United States (roughly 600,000 of them) what is it that you do that makes you one of the best?” Over the years of interacting with these advisors and evaluating what makes them successful Mark has pinpointed the common traits of the most successful advisors in the country.

In this high energy, thought provoking presentation you will hear the insightful observations from Mark, who was in the trenches and learned from the people achieving the highest levels of success.

Areas covered include:

  • How to talk so your clients will listen…and how to listen so your clients will talk
  • How to see it before it becomes obvious
  • How to get automatic referrals
  • Where the roadblocks to success are and how to avoid them
  • How to create a business plan that works vs. the one that is often created but never followed
For Client Events:

Playing by the Numbers: A Lighthearted Look at a Serious Subject
Client events are more important than ever. The recent economic downturn has changed how our clients think. In boom times they don’t want or need much from us, often just a quarterly statement showing how much money they’ve made. Now that they’ve seen drastic reductions in their retirement accounts they have wisely become more educated about how and where they invest. Their investment IQ has gone up even though their account balance has not, and they seek more knowledge and advice from you than ever before.

Your client events need to both engage and educate, and Mark Zinder will give you the perfect balance of both. In this lively presentation, Mark will share stories that paint a picture of what to expect in the new economy going forward. This presentation is humorous and entertaining throughout, while at the same time providing your clients with historical perspective and an overview of where we are today. The end result, a memorable program that will help instill in your clients confidence in you and in their future.


"Home run!!!! Mark Zinder’s the best speaker we have ever had at the Senior Advisor Leadership Team meeting. Big win."
Ric Pearson, Senior Manager, Practice Management and Training, CUNA Mutual

"I heard Mark Zinder speak at the AXA compliance conference recently, and it was life changing."
Sherlyn Robinson, AXA Advisors

"There are only two people I could listen to all day; one is Frank Sinatra and the other is Mark Zinder."
Joe Volturo, Security Mutual

"You were the hit of the meeting and your delivery and information were INCREDIBLE!!"
Mark Fitzpatrick, Lincoln Financial Group

"Your presentation in Bangkok was well received and truly impactful. The mission was content, content, content - and you delivered."
John Prast, Executive Vice President, MDRT

"Your speech at our conference in Tahoe was not only entertaining but eye-opening. It was the one I hear most frequently referred to as the highlight of the meeting."
Carol Fishburn, Great Western Financial

"It was a pleasure to have you speak at the IAIFA annual conference. The feedback from the attendees has been overwhelmingly positive."
Sara Short, Executive Vice President, Illinois Assoc of Insurance and Financial Advisors

"On behalf of my colleagues in South Africa, I want to thank you for participating in our road show. Your series of presentations was a resounding success."
Stephen Grundlingh, Vice President, Nedcor Investment Bank Limited

"We have received a lot of compliments on the sales meeting and your presentation is being mentioned by most as one the highlights if not the highlight of the sales meeting. As you saw, we had a number of outstanding speakers and to be singled-out as the best is quite a tribute to you."
James Petersen, Senior Vice President, USPA & IRA

"Mark Zinder delivered an incredible message for the benefit of our audience. He stayed within our Mission Statement, he adhered to our various requests, and most of all he made us extremely proud to be associated with him!"
Mark Jones, Main Platform Committee, MDRT New Orleans

"Thanks for coming to Denver and giving a fantastic talk. The group was tremendously impressed (and entertained) by your presentation. Your speech was extremely compelling, and the statistics you cited in presenting your case were fascinating."
Bob Dineen, District Director, Merrill Lynch

"Your remarks were the perfect fit. I know from the discussions with our attending executives that your presentation was one of the high points of the meeting. In fact, we feel that your message is so important, we would like to discuss how to communicate it to more of our clients and Investment Executives."
Alan Goldberg, President, First Albany

"The 2000 TAIFA Convention is history and your contribution to the success of the convention was significant. So, I extend both personal and corporate thanks for the time and energy you gave us and for the commitment to our industry that was so very evident in your terrific presentation. You were the perfect closer."
Thomas Currey, Texas Assoc. of Insurance and Financial Advisors

"Your presentation is so well organized and expertly delivered. Out of the 114 surveys turned in you received 104 of the highest marks available. You did a great job!"
Charlie Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Janey Montgomery Scott, Inc.

"You did your usual outstanding job, and this occasion topped even your best!"
Kay Shirley, CFP, Titan Value Equities

"Last week, I was present when Mark Zinder spoke at the IAFA Convention in Springfield, IL. His presentation was excellent in every way."
Dalene Kanoski, Secretary/Treasurer, DuPage Life Underwriters

"I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for taking the time to set up such an enjoyable evening last night with Mark Zinder. He is a wealth of knowledge and in the course of our conversation provided some great insight into ways that we can improve our practice."
Christopher Thompson, Merrill Lynch

"Thanks for setting up the dinner meeting last night. . . . Very practical and timely advice from Mark. We would all love to hear more from him."
Robert Altemus, Senior Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

"Mark, you spoke to us at lunch today. My guess is that you may have added millions to the net worth of me and my clients over the next 12 to 18 months. Thanks to you!"
Michael Smith, Vice President of Investments, UBS Financial Services, Inc.

"Thank you so much for your presentation for M&T Bank yesterday. You are not only entertaining, you are very informative. I wrote down so much of what you had to say...most in quotation marks!"
Sandy Brady, Vice President / Branch Manager, M&T Bank

"Thanks for a great and very timely presentation you gave to Region 100 Quality Circle meeting. Your comments were provoking and challenging and just what we needed to hear."
Ken Rabalais, QC Team Leader, Edward Jones

"I want to thank you all for helping our most successful Kick-Off event ever! Mark did such a great job, and he was both informative and entertaining."
Stephanie Sammons, Vice President, Merrill Lynch Global Private Client Group

"I actually had the opportunity to hear Mark Zinder, the author, present to an audience at an industry event. He was very well received. His presentation included insightful market commentary, interesting relevant tidbits, and a small dose of zany but curious perceptions. He was well prepared and his delivery was very professional. He would make a great speaker to FAs, to clients, and to other invited guests at an seminar, and dinner, or a retreat. I would encourage you to investigate."
William Pappert, First Vice President, Wealth Advisor, Morgan Stanley

"Thank for the brief, but exiting and idea-rich sessions this morning!"
David Kempton, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Global Wealth Management

"Good stuff! Thanks again for helping us with the event. We all thought it was fantastic and of course we will always think of you from now on whenever there is mention of The Wizard of Oz."
Claudia Barkmeier, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley Global Wealth Management

"Mark Zinder was absolutely fantastic. The topics are extremely timely and really work well with what we have been coached on the past year with "partnering." This was so effective with our advisors because of its simplicity, which in turn makes it easy to execute in their business. I HIGHLY recommend anyone in our division to use him."
Charlie Landrigan, Regional Sales Vice President, MetLife Annuities

"Mark, I was at the Metlife meeting in Cleveland yesterday and wanted to thank you for speaking. That was one of the best meetings I have been to in years, and I was able to take a lot from it."
David Trende, American Portfolios

"Glad I got to hear you last night. You made me open my eyes a little and see outside the box. . . . came away with some great ideas! You were a cross between Seinfield and Raymond."
Chris Fisher, Suntrust

"Mark Zinder’s very entertaining and informative. He’s able to explain and present a very complicated environment in a simple and clear way so that it could be easily understood by everyone."
Alvie Kidd, Horizon Group Client

"Mark Zinder is by far the most upbeat and entertaining speaker I’ve ever put in front of clients. I bring in several speakers a year, and Mark has been my highest rated speaker – ever."
Mark Congdon, Senior Partner, The Horizon Group

"As Director for Client Services for an independent planning group, we were really feeling the worry of clients as we met with them. We wanted to have an event and bring in a speaker who would not only entertain, but give reasons for optimism in the long term. Having seen him on previous occasions, I immediately thought of Mark Zinder. It was a home run – the comment cards were off the charts."
Tim Hammond, Director of Client Services, The Horizon Group


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